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Oct 06th
Home Sections Revotelution "Philippine ReVOTElution 2013"
"Philippine ReVOTElution 2013" PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 03 September 2012 22:13
This proposal for an Amendment of our Constitution is a Breath of Fresh Air so to speak. The 1935 Constitution is said to be lacking in some substantial measure to provide a sharp tooth in redefining some issue which was not seen before by the 1935 Drafters. The 1987 Constitution was made in post haste by the Concon Delegates soon after the Marcosses fled and left the country devastated..the erroneous Articles..Provisions were ineffective and full of holes which was defined not be able to hold water. I agree with this project and I commend the Author for this brilliant idea to foster the best Constitution , the Pattern of Good Governance for the people by the People.

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