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Sep 30th
To Mr. Jonathan Lorenzo: A fellow-Ate PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 18 April 2009 11:01
To Mr. Jonathan Lorenzo: A fellow-Ateneo alumnus (Bobby Reyes) just emailed me about the FLIP word you used. I don't know you and you don't know me. I don't know how old you are, or where you were born - here or in the Philippines. I don't even know your educational background, whether you reached high school or college or whatever. If you are Filipino, Filipino American or of Filipino heritage or parentage, your parents or grandparents must have really failed in their sacred duty in bringing you up properly to love your own people. You must have really "flipped" when you used the word FLIP for whatever you are publishing or writing about or doing. If you have a dictionary handy, you should look at the meaning of the word "flip" before using it to refer to Filipinos, as though it's just a harmless "play on words" or "a term of endearment". You must really have a stunted brain or your brain is badly damaged for using this derogatory word referring to Filipinos living here in the USA. You should apologize to all Filipinos for using the word in reference to them. If you think you owe no apology to anyone, in the guise of "freedom of speech", we will understand. We will even understand if you use the word "nigger" whenever you refer to African Americans, including our President Barack Obama. After all you must really have a damaged brain and the IQ of a one-year old baby. You've really pissed me off! This email message from me contains my email address. You may or may not reply to this email. I will understand. Panny Gagajena Chairman, Ateneo Alumni Alliance USA (As e-mailed to Jonathan Lorenzo with CC to Bobby Reyes)

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