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Oct 01st
Undercover Videos - Balita Media Sales Manager Gary Escarilla Lies about the Newspaper’s Circulation PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 17 June 2010 18:10 Los Angeles – On November 1, 2007, Gary Escarilla, the longtime Sales Manager of Balita Media, conveyed to a private investigator posing as a potential advertiser that Balita distributed 80,000 copies on Saturdays and another 60,000 on Wednesdays. He reinforced his sales pitch by boasting that Balilta’s circulation was audited by Verified Audit. The video provides an air of confidence and assurance that would provide the prospective buyer of advertising an impression that everything he said about Balita was really true. But it’s not. The circulation figures he gave were total lies. Court records show that Balita’s circulation was never more than 25,000 papers were printed and circulated and that Verified Audit was never hired at all by Balita Media, ever! Well, how can we suspect otherwise when Escarilla is a high ranking officer working for a newspaper company? Should every bit of information coming from him presumed to be true and correct? Should Balita Media, his employer, sanction him and all of its employees to practice what a newspaper always seeks – the truth? Gary Escarilla’s can’t stop lying. Indeed, a bad habit is hard to break. In a deposition held on July 14, 2009, Escarilla testified under oath that he didn’t know the amount of newspapers Balita Media delivered. He also testified he didn’t know their advertising rates! He is sales manager and does not know these things? Obviously, he was telling a big lie. It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that he was avoiding the truth, and he’s not afraid of lying under oath. How can he be a Sales Manager of a newspaper not know the very basic information of the newspapers circulation and advertising rates? Didn’t he commit to his own memory that he tried to increase the real number of Balita’s distribution during a sales pitch 2 years ago before hand? We should not be surprised if he lies again and again. After all, we can only expect much from a big liar like Gary Escarilla of Balita Media. Mr. Escarilla, the floor is yours. Please respond.
This is a comment on "There Is Apparently No Truth in Attorney Miller's Claims against the Bander Law Firm"

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