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May 30th
Home Sections A 78-word Biographical Sketch of Jose P. Rizal
A 78-word Biographical Sketch of Jose P. Rizal PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Bobby M. Reyes   
Sunday, 02 January 2011 11:38

By Bobby Reyes,

a Member of the Order of the Knights of Rizal,

Los Angeles, California, Chapter


D uring Rizal-Day festivities on December 30 and June 19 of every year, many speakers deliver kilometric biographical accounts of the life of the Philippines’ foremost natural hero, Jose P. Rizal. Sometimes speeches about his life stretch for more-than 30 minutes.


Here is a 78-word description of Dr. Rizal, as I have been using in answering questions – especially from Caucasian Americans – as to who the Filipino hero was:


          B efore there was Mahatma Gandhi, there was Jose P. Rizal. Before there was Martin Luther King, there was Jose Rizal. In poetry, before there was Robert Lee Frost, there was Rizal. In medicine, before there was Charles Everett Koop, there was Rizal. In ecology, before there was Al Gore, there was Rizal. In the field of habitats for humanity, before there was Jimmy Carter, there was Rizal. And before there was Hugh Hefner, there was Jose P. Rizal. # # #



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Comments (2)
1 Thursday, 05 May 2011 11:06
Emilio Soria also commented on Lope Lindio's posting in the Facebook, after this MabuhayRadio article was also posted.:

Emilio wrote:
"did not say that the ideology of Jeanne d'Arc was similar to the ideology of Rizal. You may have read my note in the habitual indolent way, he he. You can hardly find two individuals more different from the ideological point of view. I was just trying to set a parallelism among Rizal, Gandhi and Joanne d'Arc in the common fact of canonification of dead martyrs into symbols of their particular countries, adorning them with virtues which they did not possess in real life. The Katipuneros needed a dead martyr to spur the rebellion of the masses and they had one. At the end this worked against them, as the Kanos utilized the same symbol to annihilate them. Nakakaawang patayin, nakakainis buhayin. While the ways of exploiting the Philippine colony were being worked out in the first decade of U.S. possession so as to accomodate the interests of various sectors of U.S. capitalism, the interests of the Filipino people were callously shaped to fit U.S. designs. In general, colonial policy relied on divide and rule methods that were typical of imperialism. Gaano man katibay ang abaka, ay wala ring lakas kung iisa lang ang hibla. At every point the U.S has maneuverd to divide the country, especially to nurture the delusion that the revolutionary nationalism of the masses was a subversive threat. Rizal's imaginery came very handy for this purpose.

Bago ka magluto ay iyong siguruhin kung may panahog at asin na kakailanganin. Typical of the way this issue was injected into the Filipino education system was a history textbook introduced in 1905, which said :

"Cruel and wicked deeds have oten been done under the name of liberty, and the methods of the Katipunan were not those of honorable men...No people ever fought its way to freedom by assassination and massacre...The Filipinos were robbed and ill-treated by their own people...Rizal, whom so many Filipinos love to honor, was a man of a different sort from Bonifacio..."

Bonifacio was indeed a man very different form the rest of the members of the Kataastaasan Kagalanggalan na Katipinang ng Mga Anak ng Bayan. He is MY Filipino hero. The rest were large hacienda owners who disliked having as leader the working class Andrés Bonifacio. Aguinaldo's clique scorned and scolded Bonifacio as lacking the education to lead, the ilustrados looking down upon him as socially inferior. In the contest who developed, Bonifacio was out-maneuvered and at Aguinaldo's order was arrested and executed. The man who has given the mass, semiproletarian character to the revolution was removed from the scene. The true hero was assassinated. The usual "Animal Farm" development of revolutions has taken place. As I mention to you before, Aguinaldo was also the responsible of holding eleven thousand Spanish hostages for ransom long after the war with Spain was over."
2 Thursday, 05 May 2011 13:45
Where are your loyalties Mr. Soria? Spain (which seems to be your Cura ancestry), America (don't really know your immigrant status is, probably a guest, benefiting from others taxes) or the Philippines (where your girlfriend resides and you are trying so hard to impress her with all this hollow stabs at a respected lawyer)?

Before referring to one as: indolent, I would be very careful. You have Marxist ties too I gather. Home Land Security may be interested in investigating you.

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