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Mar 28th
Home Sections FACC Fined $1,040 for Rizal Center’s Municipal-code Violations
FACC Fined $1,040 for Rizal Center’s Municipal-code Violations PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Joseph G. Lariosa   
Sunday, 28 February 2010 08:57



(© 2009 Journal Group Link International)


Filipino-American Council of Greater Chicago (FACC) Fined $1,040 for Rizal Center’s Municipal-code Violations


C HICAGO, Illinois (JGLi) – The Filipino-American Council of Greater Chicago (FACC) is being asked by the City of Chicago to cough up $1,040.00 for Municipal code violations, including presence of “vermin and insects” found in its Rizal Center at 1332 West Irving Park Road in Chicago’s Northside.


Administrative Law Judge Roberto Agusto of the City’s Department of Administrative Hearings issued the “Findings, Decisions & Order” on Jan. 21, 2010.


The one-page order said, “this matter coming for Hearing, notice given and the Administrative Body advised in the premises, having considered the motions, evidence and arguments presented, it is ordered: As to the count(s), the tribunal finds by a preponderance of the evidence and rules as follows: Liable – By plea Nov# H000057167 two-count violation Municipal Code No. 7-38-020 of Food establishments – control of vermin and insects, penalty, $250.00; three-count violation of Municipal Code 7-42-090 violation penalty, $250.00; and Liable – By plea Nov#H000057171 one-count Municipal Code 7-42-090 violation penalty, $500.00 plus $40.00 Administrative Cost.


The respondent FACC is “being ordered to come into immediate compliance with any/all outstanding Code violations.”


Judge Agusto’s order may be appealed before Chicago’s Circuit Court of Cook County at the Daley Center “by filing a civil law suit and by paying the appropriate State mandated filing fees.”


The order said under the Municipal Code Chapter 1-19, the city’s collection costs and attorney’s fees shall be added to the balance due if the debt is not paid prior to being referred for collection.”


The Administrative order formed part of the record sought by the Journal Group Link International’s request under the Freedom of Information Act thru FOIA Officer Jennifer A. Heard of the City’s Department of Public Health, seeking details behind the closure of the Rizal Center last December.


As a result of the closure, the Knights of Rizal were not able to hold its 113th death anniversary commemoration of Jose Rizal in the Rizal Center last December 30.


Denial by the FACC Chairman


R eached for comment, Attorney Alfonso Bascos, chairman of the board of the FACC, was incensed over “your interest in digging records about the FACC. Are you trying to expose the FACC for what it is not? The records you found are old ones as they have not been updated.


“You know it (Rizal Center) was never closed. It had been in full operation since December 30, 2009 after the reinspection. I suggest you come and see if the Center is closed or not.”


According to records obtained by this reporter, the FACC’s restaurant –“SR # 09-01928829 place is not clean or sanitary. They serve lunch at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday. Only open on the weekends.” On Dec. 11, 2009, Blesilda Guillen of the Health Department and Community Center “found serious violation (pest control and previous minor violations not corrected) noted at this time.”


Its “premises not rodent proofed, evidence of pest activity, no Pest Control log book” and in “continued non-compliance with health codes.”


In its inspection report, the City “found over 100 mice droppings on premises (kitchen, golden diner dining room area, inside TV cabinet, storage rooms)” that must be corrected by Dec. 18, 2009.


The Center was also asked to correct by Dec. 18, 2009 previous violations of May 5, 2009 of “not cleaning cooking equipment, microwave ovens, storage cabinets on first floor food area and basement preparation area, floors and repair of low hot water pressure at exposed hand sinks in basement area.”


It was also on Dec. 18, 2009, when the Center was padlocked. It was re-opened before the New Year.


Other violations were “hole on the wall,” missing light shields, water leaking from ceiling above prep area in the main kitchen. Broken ceiling from water leak and leaky drainpipe in main kitchen and must provide three working drain stoppers and three comp sink in the main kitchen. And must provide ventilation (exhaust) in both wash room at second floor. They should all be fixed by March 11, 2011.


When asked why the City records of the FACC is still showing 1993 Mr. Alfonso Bascos as president, and the address of the owner of the Center as his home address, Bascos said, “The records you found are old ones as they have not been updated. But you very well know who are the current officers. Then, you will use the old records for your purpose.  The records are there and it is no secret.”


But subsequent check of the records provided to this reporter in the FOIA request showed that the “License Certificate” of the Rizal Center issued to the FACC by the City of Chicago printed on “10/15/2008” and issued on June 15, 2008 shows that the President of the Filipino American Council of Chicago is “Alfonso S. Bascos” and the Secretary, Paz Saladino.


During the disputed FACC elections held in 2006 that even reached the Circuit Court of Cook County, Mr. Bascos was supposed to be elected as Chairman of the Board and Mr. Rene Abella was elected president. Their four-year term expires this year.


Mr. Abella refused to comment when reached by email for comment on this story. (



© opyright 2009 The Journal Group Link International. The contents provided in the JGLi may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or otherwise distributed without the prior written authority of the Journal Group Link International.


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