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Feb 09th
Home Sections Ecology and the Environment Master-planning the Filipino "The Manhattan Project" (Part8)
Master-planning the Filipino "The Manhattan Project" (Part8) PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Ecology and the Environment
Tuesday, 08 May 2007 05:52


his is a continuation of the Executive Summary of the proposed initiative. The planned socioeconomic activities are not new, as they have been done before in many sites in the United States and other countries. It is question of only generating the political will to do the Project and its various components. In the end, the proponents hope that the Philippines will not have only a pro-people government but also an economy of the people, by the people and for the people. 

 Master Plan 

A Master Plan with an ongoing growth program will be finalized in the shortest-possible time. New development will be created as demand increases.

An overall Capital Expenditure Plan will support services for the existing facilities and create an ongoing strategy for additional “eco-planned” attractions and facilities that will continually enhance the project. The anticipated growth plan may result in the doubling in size of the Master Plan within 10 years.


A Community Housing Plan and first-hotel phase will begin early in the program, as construction people will need housing, security, medical facilities, shops, and an acceptable environment in which to live. As the project is nearing full operation, permanent staff and cast members will require housing on a long-term basis that may include many community services. The established local cities and communities will be depended upon to provide many of the support facilities. 


On-site, developers that specialize in this type of construction and development will be sought out and agreements made which will allow for their financial participation, with the corporation retaining reasonable profits and services covered under mutually-beneficial contracts and/or joint-venture agreements. 

The Targeted Market and a Plan to Reach It 

There are many avenues for advertising and marketing of the project facilities that will be interested in supporting the planned facilities. The Filipino-American, Chinese-American and the other Asian investors and partners will by themselves assist the marketing department reach out to the targeted markets in the United States and Asian countries.

Since the corporate structure is multinational in scope, it will be easy to locate and negotiate inclusion of project information into already existing programs. An impressive budget for marketing will be drawn and funded, as may be included in the feasibility studies.

The Philippine Department of Tourism, Filipino-American travel agencies, the Overseas-Filipino and Asian-American media and other tourism-oriented partners worldwide all have extensive marketing programs, brochures and directories. The Project and its services and infrastructures can easily be included.

The more-than eight-million Overseas Filipinos and their thousands of organized associations and/or federations can become emissaries of goodwill around the world and in the seven seas.


The Filipino-American, Chinese-American, Japanese and Korean partners of the venture think that they can manage to attract three-to-five-million tourists, visitors and retirees within three years after the completion of the project. In the meantime, these partners and the project proponents are confident that they can bring tens of thousands of visitors to the project site(s), using the present infrastructures, such as the venues’ existing airports and hotels, while they are building the planned facilities and centers on a preprogrammed schedule.


The project proponents believe that it will be easy to attract the targeted number of visitors by constructing in the planned complexes miniature versions of Southern California’s Chinatown, Little Tokyo, Korea Town, Little Saigon, Thai Village and the Historic Filipinotown, along with a Latino, Black-American and other Asian show windows and cultural-architectural masterpieces and museums. 


A very eco-friendly project 


It is always the goal to create a product that is unique to its own industry. The Project has not only a vision but also the direction and theme that no other complex can probably claim in Southeast Asia. It is unique with its emphasis on providing vacation and retirement-housing destinations along with commercial and agricultural opportunities that are themed to fit nicely into its surroundings, enhance the environment and fight global warming. The project will provide services to the area of operation that have not been experienced in the country or even in Southeast Asia before – especially after an Environmental-Impact Study is finished for every project site. 


Project-Development “Dream Team” 


The key members of the project-development “Dream Team” are professionals in their area of expertise and have many years in the relative business fields that make up the project.


A key strength to this team is their resources from which to draw other professionals who can fill each of the more-specialized job requirements. Only top professionals will be considered who know how to get the project designed, constructed and into operation in the shortest period of time possible and at the most cost-effective manner.


The general and/or specialty contractors must have the financial capability to support a project of this magnitude and must have background in resort and themed-entertainment projects. Operations will have expertise in not only running the project after it is built but also provide supply and services for the employees and patrons alike. # # #


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