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May 30th
Home Sections Ecology and the Environment The Butanding (Whale Shark)
The Butanding (Whale Shark) PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Ecology and the Environment
Written by Allan Albert   
Thursday, 28 June 2007 11:32

T he whale shark or "Butanding" is not really a shark at all. It is the worlds largest fish and has been reported to grow up to 18 Meters in length - though most sightings are of the "average" 8 meters or so.

Though found in many warm waters around the world - it is a rare sight none the less, and perhaps the only place where you can arrange a meeting (a less chancey rendezvous at least) with one or more of these magnificent creatures is in the sleepy town of Donsol, Province of Sorsogon, which is the southern end of the main island of Luzon. Donsol lies on the western boundary between Sorsogon and Albay, just off the mouth of Sorsogon Bay, which is part of the China Sea. The butanding passes by Donsol on the way to the Pacific Ocean, which begins at the nearby San Bernardino Strait, between Sorsogon Province and the Island of Samar. Due to its rarity, however, consider yourself blessed if you run into one of this docile creatures. The person who shot this video practically won the lottery with no less than 10 sightings! Wow!

The whale sharks are advertised also by the tourism authority of Thailand and they are some of the tourist attractions of the kingdom.

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