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Dec 07th
Home Sections Filipino-Veterans' Lobby Almageddon--the Filipino Fireworks Lighting Up the Sky from Fourth of July, All Summer Long
Almageddon--the Filipino Fireworks Lighting Up the Sky from Fourth of July, All Summer Long PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Filipino-Veterans' Lobby
Monday, 02 July 2007 16:43

Part V of the FilVets' Lobby Series 

Armageddon refers generally to end times or giant, apocalyptic catastrophes in various religions and cultures. It may also refer to any great loss of life in battle or use of weapons of mass destruction. Starting this Fourth of July, the "Almageddon" brand of Filipino fireworks will be heard all summer long from California to Rhode Island until the battle is won.


The final battle to end the culture of corruption in the National Federation of Filipino-American Associations (NaFFAA) has begun. We call it the "Almageddon" because it is the fight for the soul (alma in Spanish) and heart not only of the NaFFAA members and the various chapter officers but also of all Filipino Americans. It is just a coincidence that the new NaFFAA national chairperson is named Alma Q. Kern. Ms. Alma is probably the most-honest person in the Filipino-American community who cannot force her fellow NaFFAA national executive officers (NEOs) to exercise honesty in the federation and comply with the tenets of the ATIC policies. ATIC, as I coined, is the acronym for Accountability, Transparency, Integrity and Credibility. The NaFFAA chairperson is like that primate that hears nothing, sees nothing and speaks nothing. So she does nothing even if some of the NaFFAA NEOs continue to refuse to provide financial reports about the events that they did for the federation.

It will also involve a lot of humor and satire. After all, this writer is following in the footsteps of his literary idol, the now-legendary Jessica Mitford. She said that "her writing might not change the world but at least it will embarrass the guilty."

And humor was employed heavily in all the stages of this ongoing conflict. The word war is now on its eighth year of verbal combat over the Internet, in e-newsgroups and even on Filipino-American hardcopy publications.

Who can forget the now-classic Rodel-Rodis jokes? Remember the incident when San Francisco police officers handcuffed Atty. Rodis for allegedly passing a bogus hundred-dollar bill at the Walgreens? Wags said that the greenback was genuine but it was dirty because it came from the NaFFAA treasury.

Just like the day when this writer came to the rescue of his Ateneo fraternity brother, Jose "Jay" Caedo. Perry Diaz not only was insulting Mr. Caedo, who is totally blind, but also his kin. Mr. Diaz even posted his most-unkind remark that Jay’s mother was a prostitute. That is how Mr. Diaz’s sense of decency has sunk that low. I rose in defense of Mr. Caedo. I was one of the few who berated Mr. Diaz for his abusive and foul language exhibited online. At that time, Mr. Diaz boasted to all his roots, saying that he is the "Great Ilocano," as he explained what the term "GI" meant.

I butted in the online debate between Perry Diaz and Jay Caedo. I said that perhaps Mr. Diaz meant the "Grated Ilocano." Yes, just like the coconut that has its meat grated and what is left is just the empty shell. There were so much guffaws and LOL-cries online that Mr. Diaz stopped calling himself the "GI," as everybody was dubbing him the "Grated Ilocano."

Then one day, Mr. Diaz called this writer "gay." I simply told Mr. Diaz to ask his wife about my manhood. He did not mention again his bias against the gay people in his "perrytales," to borrow the term of journalist Joseph Lariosa in describing the literary output of Mr. Diaz.

It appears that Perry Diaz is a bigot, for he hates the gay people. Proof? He has been saying in his postings that the Media Breakfast Club (MBC) of Los Angeles (that has an e-mail address of mediabcla@aol) is composed of gays because it uses the screen name, "mediabcla." Mr. Diaz has been making fun of the "mediabcla" because the Filipino term for gay is "bacla." He says that the MBC people merely dropped off the "a" in "bacla." Mr. Diaz must really hate that much the gay community.As I said in the series about the Filipino Veterans’ (FilVets’) Lobby, the present outreach campaign in the American Congress and corridors of power is the best opportunity to end this conflict with the NaFFAA NEOs. The Filipino-American community, especially the well-meaning NaFFAA members and regional officers, have to decide once and for all if it is worth letting the NaFFAA clowns and crooks represent Filipino Americans in Washington, DC, and in major cities in the United States.

So stay tuned in and this summer, you will be able to hear the Almageddon fireworks light up the sky from California to Rhode Island, where incidentally the NaFFAA chief operating officer, Doy Heredia, lives most of the time. # # #

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