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Dec 03rd
Home Sections Filipino-Veterans' Lobby Mr. Diaz Issues Another Perrytale (sic) and Colonel Monteyro Actually Sets the Record Straight
Mr. Diaz Issues Another Perrytale (sic) and Colonel Monteyro Actually Sets the Record Straight PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Filipino-Veterans' Lobby
Sunday, 01 July 2007 00:56

Part Three of a Series about the Filipino Veterans' Lobby

This third article about the Filipino Veterans' (FilVets') Lobby illustrates why some of the National Alliance for Veterans' Equity (NAFVE) leaders do not know what they are really doing. The NAFVE decision makers made Perry Diaz the co-chairman of their Media Committee. Any trained journalist would know that a Media Committee essentially does public-relations work, aside from issuing press releases and correspondence to the mainstream press and governmental agencies. We are reprinting hereunder the latest communiqué by Mr. Diaz in which his obvious lack of training in public relations, good manners and right conduct is highlighted.

Perry Diaz, the wannabe-writer, is an engineer by profession. He has been trying for several years now to write a column by copying notes from history books and passing them off as his own. The truth is that his wife rewrites many of his articles and does all the editing. Professional journalists like Joseph Lariosa, the Chicago-based correspondent of the Manila Bulletin and the Tempo newspapers of the Philippines, know their peers when they see one. Mr. Lariosa, however, called Mr. Diaz the "perrytale" writer. Mr. Lariosa represents also the National Press Club of the Philippines in this country.

We print also the reply of Col. Romy Monteyro of San Diego, California, as e-mailed to the same recipients that got Mr. Diaz' PR masterpiece (sic).

Here is Colonel Monteyro's piece: QUOTE: Perry,
This is very unproductive. I do not appreciate my name being dragged into this mudslinging business. I never claimed that Congressman Bob Filner said he will work only with me, though I have been working with him on the Equity Bill for the last 10 years as he himself will confirm. What he said during the Summit meeting was that I am his dancing partner. But he also praised the effort of everyone present and called on all of the attendees to help him pass the Equity Bill by contacting their representatives in Congress on the District level. Likewise he also emphasized the need to educate those lawmakers who may not have heard of the wartime services of the Filipino veterans in the US armed forces, specifically in the USAFFE in the defense of Bataan and Corregidor, in the resistance movement and in the liberation of the Philippines.

You are right when you said that the (Filipino) veterans advocacy is a wide-open field and anyone who loves the veterans and are concerned about their welfare can join in. But you are wrong, very wrong in your claim that Eric Lachica has done a lot for the veterans. The lot that he has done is to try and destroy the full equity movement by pursuing his own agenda of lesser benefits for them. No one can deny, much less Lachica himself, that he is the only veterans advocate who collects money from the veterans for his upkeep and perhaps to justify his self-imposed grandiose title of Executive Director of the ACFV. If he, as you claim, has done anything for the veterans, why do you think he was denounced by Bob Filner as being "toxic" to the cause we are fighting for? His so-called lobbying in Congress is limited to frequenting the Lobby of the State Capitol and photo ops with lawmakers which he releases for publication to the FilAm media. Ask Bob Filner and Senator Daniel Akaka if they work with Lachica.

I have been receiving copies of this childish exchange and the reason I never commented on them is because I do not wish to dignify them. It is true that Lou Tancinco and I are members of NAFVE and we have been working with all the members of NAFVE, Alma Kerns in particular, and also with the PR team hired by NAFVE (Ben de Guzman, Charmaine Manansala and Irene Bueno) in the collective effort to pass the Equity Bill. But we are not publicity seekers so we do not issue press releases on what we have contributed to the veterans lobby. Neither do not maintain websites where we crow about our achievements. Lou and I never claimed to be part of a "technical group" or whatever, and both of us consider this mudslinging as coming from people with jaundiced minds.

If you or anyone else keep up with this useless exchange of rhetoric which is only damaging the unity we have been able to forge during the DC Summit, and exposing us Filipinos to ridicule, then you are truly guilty of clowning and deserve to be called clowns.

Again I reiterate, please do not include either Lou Tancinco or myself in your silly posturing. The true veterans advocates are those who work silently and maintain a low profile, uninterested in any kind of publicity for self-aggrandizement. Our champions in Congress know who they are working with and there is no need to publicize what they do. Publicity in this regard, for the purpose of being glorified by the public, is only for those who actually have nothing to do with the veterans lobby.

I hope this break in our silence puts to a close this childish, immature, inane and very unproductive smear campaign! I have Lou Tancinco's permission to speak for both of us!

Col. Romy Monteyro UNQUOTE. wrote: (Editor's Note: Mr. Diaz' piece, as e-mailed to the group of Colonels Quesada and Monteyro, has not been edited by our publication.) QUOTE.


It's very funny how two "brods" -- Bobby and Jay -- would go to the extent of lying to get noticed. Yes, like they say in Tagalog, "kulang sa pansin." Indeed, the success of the National Alliance for Filipino Veterans Equity (NAFVE) has been causing Jay and Bobby a lot of despair and nightmare. Why? They're like two little boys trying to get into a game and play with the men. So what do they do instead? They would throw little pebbles at the men playing. It's irritable but what else can you do with kids? Kids are kids and men are men. But there are occasions when you really have to separate the boys from the men. That is the reality of life. Now, if they think they're good enough to play men's games, why don't they do something for the Filipino veterans. It's a wide open field.

The Filipino veterans need more advocates. Nobody is precluded from getting involved with Filipino veterans advocacy. I don't understand why Jay would question my advocacy for the Filipino veterans? I have been writing about the Equity bill under my byline for several years now. If I was invited to be on the Steering Committee of NAFVE, it was because I deserved it. What's wrong with that? Hey, nobody is stopping Jay and Bobby from forming an advocacy group of their own and go to Washington, DC and lobby for the passage of the Equity bill.

As to Col. Quesada's remarks, with all due respect, I think Col. Quesada should be grateful to NAFVE for taking up the cudgels for the Filipino veterans. Col. Quesada has been extremely critical of Eric Lachica (Eric's ACFV is not a member of NAFVE). But let's set the record straight: Eric Lachica has done more for the Filipino veterans than anybody else including Col. Quesada himself. Let's give credit where credit is due. Perhaps Col. Quesada can give us a brief outline of what he has done for the Filipino veterans Equity bill.

Quite frankly, since Jay, Bobby, and Col Quesada are so agitated about the Filipino veterans Equity bill, may I suggest that they form a "triumvirate" and raise $100,000 to pay for a professional legislative staff in Washington, DC. Yes, that's the minimum that NAFVE has been raising to pay our legislative staff in Washington, DC.

In regard to Col. Quesada's comments that Filner's message during the summit that "Filner will be working only with Romy Monteyro." I was at the summit and Congressman Filner never said that or gave that impression. As a matter of fact, Congressman Filner has been working closely with NAFVE's legislative staff in Washington, DC.

Now, since Col. Quesada has mentioned this "technical working group with Lou Tancinco, Romy Monteyro and himself," would Col. Quesada please tell this forum what have this "technical group" done for the Equity Bill? Do they have a "presence" in Washington, DC to lobby for the Equity Bill? As far as I know, Romy Monteyro (representing the San Diego veterans) and Lou Tancinco (representing NNVE) are members of the NAFVE Steering Committee. Perhaps they can confirm their status in the Steering Committee.

So, my dear friends, who is clowning around here? Who are the "poseurs"? Who are the interlopers? Who are the pretenders? Have Jay, Bobby and Col. Quesada been to Washington, DC to lobby for the Equity Bill? Have they even left their town at all to even talk about the Equity Bill in other cities?

As to Bobby's claim that some NaFFAA NEO's hijacked the National Alliance for Veterans' Equity (NAFVE), how could they hijack it, they were part of the group of veterans and community leaders who created NAFVE. How can someone hijack its own creation? Huh?

There are four kinds of people. The first kind are those who make things happen. The second kind are those who watch things happen. The third kind are those who didn't know what happened. And the fourth kind are those who complain about the things that happened. Tell me, which kind are you?

Now, let's hear from the "triumvirate" and the "technical group."

Perry Diaz
NAFVE Media Co-Chair
Member, NAFVE Steering Committee UNQUOTE.

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