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Dec 07th
Home Sections Filipino-Veterans' Lobby So the People May Know: Dialogue Between Perry Diaz and Romy Monteyro
So the People May Know: Dialogue Between Perry Diaz and Romy Monteyro PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Filipino-Veterans' Lobby
Sunday, 01 July 2007 16:38

Part IV of a Series on the FilVets' Lobby

We will now let the public decide as to who is sane and who is not, who has credibility and who does not have, who is honest and who is not . . . etceteras, etcetera, ad infinitum.

Date: 7/1/2007 8:18:22 AM Pacific Daylight Time



Dear Romy,

There are times when you need to set the record straight and that's precisely what I did. If I did not do it, you'll never hear the end of Bobby's, Jay's, and Col. Quesada's claims and lies about you and Lou. Obviously, these three men were trying to divide us and make NAFVE look bad. Now that you and Lou have made it clear that you are still part of NAFVE and have never been involved with Col. Quesada's "technical group," this should put an end to this issue.

In regard to your statement, "I was upset because I never expected you to stoop to the level of Bobby Reyes," I am sorry that my action upset you; however, you should be thankful that I forced the issue out in the open because there is a growing perception in the community that you and Lou are no longer part of NAFVE. Indeed, your silence was so deafening that some members of the NAFVE Steering Committee were beginning to believe that you and Lou have turned. I am glad you clarified that.

On a personal note, I admire your devotion and loyalty to the military code of honor. You are a gentleman and a distinguished officer. Unfortunately, a lot of your comrades-in-arms in recent years have dishonored the Philippine military. But that's a separate issue to be discussed another day.

Let's work together in this crucial period in the campaign for the Filipino veterans' equity bill. They fought for our freedom. It is time for us to reciprocate and fight for their dignity. Together we will win.

All the best,


In a message dated 7/1/2007 1:51:31 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, writes:

*Dear Perry,

Just between you and me, I was upset because I never expected you to stoop to the level of Bobby Reyes. Out of respect to Col Quesada who is my senior in the military I cannot directly rebuke him. Do you think I'll ever do that to your Uncle Tom (General Diaz) under whom I served, no matter how much I may disagree with him? We have a code as officers and gentlemen that is inviolate, and those who make the mistake of taking that code lightly are ostracized for a lifetime.

Col Quesada is an old man-- a bitter old man because of his long
frustration with Uncle Sam. He zealously guards his (claimed) position
as the official representative in the US of the Veterans Federation of
the Philippines, which he (mistakenly) believe is the only one with
/locus standi/ (his favorite latin quote) or legal standing and anyone
else who dare trod on his turf is an interloper, intruder or poseur. He
does not call me any of those names because he is aware that the
President of the VFP himself, Col Emmanuel de Ocampo, whom I met in Congress in 2003 when I testified in the House Veterans Affairs Sub-Committee on Healhcare, gave me the authority to speak for the VFP. His reference to "technical support" proceeds from his (again, claimed) parliamentary savvy, having worked with Senator Daniel Inouye in Congress. Lou and I have nothing to do with his so-called "technical group" but we simply defer to him being our senior and out of respect for his being a WWII veteran. Why break the heart of the old man who served the Philippines so well and almost lost his life in WWII? I don't know how he got involved with Bobby Reyes which is very unfortunate.

Bobby Reyes should be ignored--- that is my point. And if you don't
share my opinion on Eric Lachica, that is entirely your business, and
yes, right or wrong, I respect your opinion. I sent a copy of my reply
to you, to both Bobby Reyes and Col Quesada. That should be enough to make them understand that Lou and I are part of NAFVE and that we too, are being insulted by their reference to NAFVE as being composed of clowns. But Lou and I never reacted to their vile postings because it was our desire not to dignify it. I'm surprised that you did. When Jon and Ben de Guzman expressed their concerns with me on the smear campaign of Bobby Reyes, using the imprimatur of Col Quesada, I simply told both Ben and Jon to grin and bear it. I'm sure you'll agree with me that there is a lot truth in the old Tagalog saying that, "ang pumpatol sa sira ang ulo ay lalo pang sira ang ulo". Having said that, I hope you now understand why I kept silent for a while. If you whom I consider a level headed person had not entered the fray, I would not have broken my silence.

Best regard,

* wrote:
Dear Romy,
I am surprised that you are venting your anger at me and not at Bobby Reyes and Col. Quesada. Unless you did not read Bobby's, Jay's and Col. quesada's emails, then you are shooting from the hip.  Please read their emails first before you vent your anger at me.
I am glad that you finally broke your silence and acknowledge that you are part of NAFVE's Steering Committee. One of NAFVE's goals is to make the campaign for the Equity Bill visible in the Fil-Am community as well as the mainstream community. As NAFVE's Media Co-Chair with Jon Melegrito, what we are doing is letting everybody know what we are doing and what is happening with the campaign. One of the media things that we implemented is a Teleconference Briefing which is open to anyone who has the time to call in. The last teleconference briefing that NAFVE put together was last June 12 where Representatives Bob Filner, Mike Honda, Darrell Issa, and Mazie Hirono; and NAFVE's Co-Chairs and Legislative Team members spoke. These teleconference briefings and the press releases were not done to "crow about our achievements" -- to use your words -- but to educate the public on the issues and progress of the campaign.
The worse thing for us to do is to keep silent and not inform the
public, particularly the Fil-Am community which we always encourage to help in calling their senators and congressmen to support the Equity bill. This year's campaign has been effective in getting a lot of support from our elected officials including state governors, state legislators, and local government leaders. Our media blitz is a key element in NAFVE's public relations component. As a matter of fact, at our Steering Committee meeting last June 28 (we missed you and Lou), I suggested that we should be more aggressive in our media blitz. With the House Veterans Affairs Committee meeting in July to mark up the Equity bill, we need to double our efforts. There are 29 members of the House committee as opposed to the Senate's 12 committee members.

In regard to the statement that ""Filner will be working only with Romy Monteyro," I didn't say that. Col. Quesada said that.
As to the statement that you and Lou are part of a "technical group,"
I didn't say that either. Col Quesada said that. I am glad that you
and Lou rebuked the claims of Col. Quesada. That should end these issues.
In the case of Eric Lachica, whatever problems you have with Eric, I don't want any part of it and I don't want to hear those things you're saying about him. Personally, I believe Eric has done a lot of good things for the veterans. The fact that more than one-half of all the Filipino veterans residing in the U.S. belong to ACFV is indicative of his effective leadership. I don't think anyone has done better than what he has done. Of course, that is my own opinion -- right or wrong -- and I hope you'll respect that.

In regard to your statement about "publicity for the purpose of being glorified by the public," I must say that you are naively misinformed, my friend. For your information and enlightenment, NAFVE's press releases are not intended to glorify ourselves or anyone for that matter. Personally, I don't need it.
Heck, look at the number of people taking potshots at me for seeing my name on the press releases. Can't these people grow up? I have been there, done all that. The only reason my name appears on press
releases is that I am a Media Co-Chair and one of the contacts.
This is SOP in the media business. Have you ever sent out a press
release without giving naming the contact person? 

Lastly, I would like to suggest that you set the record straight with Col. Quesada. He is the one that is causing your blood pressure to rise, unecessarily. You need to tell Bobby Reyes also to take your name off from all his postings. If you do that then rest assured that your name will never be mentioned in vain again. 


BTW, could you please forward this email to Bobby Reyes? He is blocking my emails.


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