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Jun 02nd
Home Columns Frank B. Quesada (Col. Ret. US) What This Column Is All About
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Columns - Frank B. Quesada (Col. Ret. US)
Tuesday, 18 December 2007 17:44

I would like to see a compendium of as much as I have written on the Filipino veterans’ plight since I started fighting for our benefits. The full account of the struggle can be published into a book, as Bobby Reyes has suggested.


This proposed book will tell part of the history of the Filipino veterans’ issues and their fight for justice and fairness in the Philippines and the United States. It can be a supplementary-textbook reading material for all schools in the homeland. It can be a handbook for all ROTC cadets in colleges and universities and a reference book for libraries here and back home.

Thus, this column and the book project will document my in-depth research for more-than 30 years as a soldier, as an aging veteran and now as a lobby leader. If edited well, it could spell out the harsh truth about Filipino Americans and their shifting relationship and the home-grown neglect by both governments. And it will tell also about the veterans’ compulsory heirs and their own struggles.

The Philippine Resistance Movement (circa 1942 to 1946), if told in this column, alone should attract readership. I have in my possession the list of all guerrillas in the Philippines compiled by authorities. And it can tell about their activities in WW-II, including the heroism of many veterans. If there are untold stories about Filipino soldiers, scouts and guerillas, than their sons and/or daughters should give me the details, so that I can document them in this column and in the book.

I plan to write as well the history of how the Veterans’ Federation of the Philippines was born and how it became the sole voice and representative of all Fil-Am WW-II veterans, as mandated by Republic Act 2640. It will expose the impostors and their rackets (which this web site and its writers have uncovered) that used the veterans as their "baka kechera" for pecuniary gains. They have used us, veterans, as their "whipping boys" for their scams. And these impostors and scalawags have claimed credit for the work of others, so as to be able to receive awards on TV even if what they do is full of deceit and doubletalk. They have  injured the Filipino-American WW-II true-and-honest lobby with their criminal conduct, which this web site has earlier exposed.

This literary project may be able once and for all to clean up the veteran's playing field and protect it from bad elements. Many Filipino writers have so courageously brought down these elements simply by writing about the truth. I can do no less. I can perhaps even do more, God willing. # # #

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 18 December 2007 17:51

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