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Oct 01st
Home Sections Health and Medicine Filipino Family Wins $217-Million Medical-Malpractice Judgment in Florida
Filipino Family Wins $217-Million Medical-Malpractice Judgment in Florida PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Health and Medicine
Saturday, 22 December 2007 15:08

The Medical Economics magazine’s Dec. 7, 2007, issue’s front cover tells of the medical malpractice suit filed by a Filipino-American family in Tampa, Florida. The cover story read, “The medical community was stunned when a Tampa jury last year awarded a staggering $217-million, including $100-million in punitive damages, to a (Filipino-American) man whose cerebellar stroke was misdiagnosed as sinusitis at a hospital ED in 2000.”


Readers may read the malpractice suit filed by Allan Navarro, his wife and son in an article written by Mark Crane in this hyperlink:

$200+ million verdict: It started with a midlevel's mistake

If readers are unable to access the hyperlink, they may go to the web site of Medical Economics at this URL: and just click the link to the story of Allan Navarro.

In the end all the parties agreed on a confidential settlement. Mr. Crane reported that, “The plaintiffs' attorneys can't comment on the size of the settlement but said they and Navarro were pleased. And it was substantial enough for the plaintiffs to make good on their promise to help others. In July, the Navarro family donated $600,000 and Richard Gilbert's and Steve Yerrid's law firms donated $200,000 each to The Buoniconti Fund for research on spinal cord injuries.”

Editor’s Note: Our writer, Ceny Reyes, works in the healthcare industry and she picked up a copy of the Medical Economics magazine at her place of work.

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Comments (1)
July 29, 2010
I am a California-licensed practicing Physician. Please send to me details of the case in Florida.
I am working on a Series of Fifty - three ( 53 ) Hospital Falsifications in California.
This is posted on : I also posted
California Crimes committed by White Physicians.
My next project is Discrimination against Doctor in California based on Skin color.
Dr. Antonio Quismorio , an Ilocano, was investigated by the Medical Board of Calif. and the California Dept. of Justice for Fraud in Vallejo, California. He lost his license.
In the same City of Vallejo, California 94590, a Doctor with White skin committed the same Fraud. His name is Robert S. Blum, M.D. , a Neurosurgeon. He falsified
the Hospital patient Medical Record to get money from an old lady who was Not his
patient. The Medical Board of California and Dept. of Justice did Not investigate Dr. Blum. The only difference between the two cases is the Color of their skin.
During a Medical Board Hearing in Sacramento on Feb. 26, 2008 about the
frauds committed by Dr. Blum, te actions of Dr. Blum were called Not Ethical and Not Legal by Dr. Robert Zeff, M.D.
Dr. Zeff was the Medical Consultant to the Medical Board at that hearing.
The Hearing was tape - recorded by Mr. Robert Sherer who was the Senior
Investigator for the Medical Board of California.
I presented the Frauds committed by Dr. Blum to the Medical Board in 2008.
Written documents were submitted and accepted by the Medical Board.
Another hearing was held on June 24, 2008.
After the two Hearings the Medical Board thought I was Crazy and asked the
Dept. of Justice to investigate me. Why , because I complained ?

California Attorney General Edmund G. Brown, Jr. signed a Court - order ,
actually a lwsuit, to compel me to undergo Psychiatric examination within thirty days.

On January 19, 2009, or Dr. Martin Luther King day last year, I had my
Psychiatric examination in San Mateo, California.
The State of California paid for the Psychiatric examination.

I passed the test. I am not crazy. The Dept. of Justice said so.

Question :

Why did California Attorney General Jerry Brown mandated a court - order
to examine me ?
I was the one who complained about the Frauds committed by other doctors.

Why did Attorney General Jerry Brown Not examine or investigate the other
doctors who committed frauds ?

Respectfully submitted by :

Dr. Lino Dial.

Maraming Salamat po.

My e-mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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