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Sep 29th
Home Sections History E-mails 103 – “Hocus PCOS” is Commonsensical
E-mails 103 – “Hocus PCOS” is Commonsensical PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - History
Written by Ado Paglinawan   
Wednesday, 30 June 2010 21:21


By Ado Paglinawan


“Crisis of Sovereignty” Series (Part Eight)


A recent headline of the Philippine Star read “‘Hocus PCOS’, not possible”.


The last e-mail sent by a certain Gary Hardaway to Interior and Local Government Secretary Ronaldo Puno belies this intended balm of the Belmonte-owned newspaper, and in gruesome details at that. The newspaper was definitely adding to the euphoria established by the first automated elections in the history of the Philippines that dished out millions of tallied votes at lightning speed but accompanied by a thunder of doubt as to its accuracy and integrity.


Put extra careful attention to the Hardaway’s revelation in his last e-mail – “without the digital signature, there is no way to tell which machine made the second transmission…”


So where indeed did all those transmissions of returns really come from?


The first scheme created by Hardaway hacking the transmission of results to the servers was so elementary, any of our computer-savvy children could have easily understood the simple dynamics. But not mainstream media, namely the Star, the Philippines Daily Inquirer and ABS-CBN whose only concern is to hype the Camelot angle of the presidential candidate they supported.


This posting reveals yet another evil plot. The second scheme tells of how another manipulation can be conducted through the Compact Flash card, an aspect dramatized by a committee in the House of Representatives headed by Teodoro Locsin, Jr., who was more concerned about validating Comelec and Smartmatic excuses rather hearing the testimonies of Philippine computer experts. 


These experts were not at all surprised, therefore, when the server provided by Smartmatic to Congress received a total transmission of 253-million votes, more than five times the total registered voters, an issue Mr. Locsin merely glossed over.


T his series shows that Secretary Puno was also religiously updating President Arroyo of the developments, most especially the schemes to be used in hacking the Automated Election System. (The following three e-mails have been arranged following a chronology of thought and not time.)


Happy reading!


* * * * *

From: "Ronaldo V. Puno " <>

Subject: People need direction

To: "President G. Arroyo" < >

Received: Wednesday, 07 Apr 2010 11:21:38 AM



I realize that some of our plans have not worked like we had planned. However, some of our people our running around like headless chicken and we do need to once again assure them that the machinery has not fallen apart. The only one who can do that would be you.

I also received yesterday the new scheme that we might be using for the coming election. However, a clear cut decision on your part as to who we will carry down the stretch is needed. We need to discuss this at the soonest possible time.

For your Guidance and Info.



PF: 32002 REF: 2010

Additional Manipulation Schemes (Philippines 2010 Elections)

From: "Gary Hardaway" < >

Subject: Other Scheme

To: "Ronaldo V. Puno " <>

Received: Tuesday, 06 Apr 2010


Mr. RVP,

Here is the other Scheme I mentioned to you. I came up with this but I do not highly recommend this scheme for areas that you may consider as hotspots where too much attention will be present.

Although this scheme is very easy to put in place. It has a certain weakness. If discovered, it can easily be proven that a deliberate attempt to cheat has taken place.

Keeping in mind the components I've discussed with you before. The basic principle that would make this scheme run is "Manipulate the Counting Process of the PCOS. Aptly put, make the PCOS wrongly count the votes.

Scheme Elements:

This Scheme involves a single element for implementation:

·   Improperly Configured CF cards - the CF cards will be loaded with an Improperly Configured Image File and Interpretation Guide.

The CF cards will contain a valid image file but the appended Interpretation guide will be misconfigured to make the PCOS behave in different manners based on how it was configured.

This CF card can be configured in many different ways to make the machines count the ballots in favor of a specific candidate.

1. Configure it in such a way that Votes for a specific candidate will not be counted by defining it as "void" or "null".

2. Make the PCOS behave in such a way that votes for one candidate will be credited to the other.

3. Configure it to behave in a way that it will reject certain Ballots although minor alterations have to be done to the ballots itself. (Not readily available but still possible)

Note: Configuration must be given thorough consideration since it is inevitable that certain candidates will get 0 votes for that specific PCOS.

Steps by Step Guide:

1. PCOS machines will be Initialized normally using the improperly configured CF cards.

2. Voting proceeds as Normal with voters casting their ballots in the PCOS. Since the LCD Verification is disabled, the voters will not know that their ballot was rejected, miscounted, etc..

3. Close the PCOS normally.

4. Transmit the Data normally and Print the ER's as expected.

5. At the soonest possible time. The Tabulated data in the CF card is to be copied to a CF card with a correct Interpretation Guide. For possible presentation later.

6. Like what we discussed over the phone. The PCOS machines will be reset immediately to zero at the first opportunity presented as with all the other schemes.


1. Personalities involved in the scheme is limited only to those who will configure the CF cards.

2. The BEI and any other Officials in the Precinct can be completely unaware of the scheme without compromising its success.

3. No jamming and Transmission failure to be staged.

4. The scheme would effectively manipulate the results even if the Digital Signature is enforced.

5. Switching of CF cards will be done after the transmission of data therefore would not be subject

     to much scrutiny.


I can only foresee one major disadvantage in the scheme described above. That is, if it is discovered while voting is going on. The erroneous Interpretation Guide in the CF card is irrevocable proof that a manipulation conspiracy is being done. The moment one CF card is caught/discovered. You can expect that all the CF nationwide will be subjected to scrutiny. Also, the moment this scheme is put into action, there is no way to stop it or cancel it mid stream. Unlike the other schemes, you can easily cease operation at any given stage.

The basic idea that was going on in my mind while formulating this scheme is this. Among all the schemes we have prepared for, this is the only one that can circumvent the Digital Signature feature of the AES. Besides that, I don't see any other reason why we should be employing this scheme.

If there should be any questions. Don't hesitate to call me on my private line so I can clarify immediately.

Truly. Gary.



From: "Ronaldo V. Puno " <>

Subject: As Stated

To: "President G. Arroyo" < >

Received: Wednesday, 07 Apr 2010 15:28:01 PM



I have just concluded making my summary report for a possible alternative scheme for the coming election.

Although the preparations for the original scheme is in full blast. It is prudent to still have another option that may come in handy specially right now with the highly volatile situation. I will have the report for you tomorrow right after lunch.

Also, please pardon me for bringing this up over and over again. We need to deliberate soon as to who the final name will be on the block for us. I have to be honest, there was a time when it was clear as to who it should be. But things have changed dramatically as you very well know.

For you Guidance and Info.



(To be continued . . .)


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