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Feb 09th
Home Sections History President Noynoy Clueless as Maverick Adaza, Et Al, Strike Again!
President Noynoy Clueless as Maverick Adaza, Et Al, Strike Again! PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - History
Written by Ado Paglinawan   
Saturday, 03 July 2010 14:55


By Ado Paglinawan


“Crisis of Sovereignty” Series (Part 12)


Noynoy Aquino’s Motherhood Rhetoric Clueless about Real State of Philippine Sovereignty


Bono Adaza, Et Al, File Election-Annulment Case in the Supreme Court


On his first day as the country's first digital President, Benigno Simeon Cojuangco-Aquino, III, messed up on his inaugural protocol and lulled his audience with motherhood statements that must have sent Cory turning in her grave.


Failing to acknowledge the presence of the outgoing President and the incumbent Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Mr. Aquino established the level of arrogance under which he will serve whatever is remaining of his fake regime. There is a Spanish dictum that says “Lo cortes, no quita lo valiente.” Courtesy does not make one less valiant. So uncouth and under borrowed time, this could have been his first strategic error in presidential-role playing.


Nonetheless, the Filipino people who are not with the Yellow Army would have appreciated more specific action plans rather than spent shibboleths long ranted by traditional politicians. That he has “forgiven” his critics who are not repentant anyway, but does not have the right to forgive those who do wrong to the people, is rhetoric in its lowest order. It reeks of false humility and pretentious sense of heroism.


On the other hand, the masses would have danced in the streets if they heard him pronouncing a wish list sounding like this for his first 30 days:


1.    Issuance and service for the warrant of arrest for former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo for various plunder cases.


2.    Immediate arrest of Jocjoc Bolante and Arthur Yap for the fertilizer scam, Romulo Neri and Benjamin Abalos Jr. for the ZTE scam, and Osmena Montaner the mastermind of the assassination of whistleblower Marlene Esperat.


3.    The withdrawal of the petition of the Cojuangco family for injunction against the Department of Agrarian Reform’s implementation of the redistribution of Hacienda Luisita to the farmers, and just compensation of the victims of the Hacienda-Luista Massacre.


4.    Renunciation of the Reproductive Health Bill.


5.    One peso reduction per kilowatt hour of electricity for residential consumption and appointing a Study Group on the recommissioning of the Bataan Nuclear Plant in order to lower power costs and forestall the treat of an energy shortage.


6.    Reopening of the investigation of the Ninoy Aquino assassination and the involvement of former president Fidel V. Ramos’ in the Clark Expo, Amari and Independent Power Producers deals during his administration.


7.    At least a two-peso per liter rollback on the prices of vehicle fuel and twenty pesos reduction per tank of LPG for homes.


T hese are some samples of key issues that would have made him hit the road running while the election annulment case filed by Bono Adaza, Mentong Laurel and me, start to see its day in the Supreme Court. The highlights of this case are the following:


1)    By the non-observance and disregard of fundamental provisions of the election laws, other laws, and the Constitution by the Commission on Elections, the May 10, 2010 elections should be nullified and all proclamations voided.


2)    Proclamations based on unofficial documents are null and void ab initio.


3)    Canvassing and proclamation without determining authenticity and due execution of documents in the manner provided by law.


4)    Canvassing and proclamation without a joint public session of Congress or wihout a quorum are null and void ab initio.


The Comelec did not just not comply with the minimum system capabilities set by Section 6 of Republic Act 9369, it even abused its powers and discretion by unilaterally exempting the process from them, in effect amending and interpreting the law, functions that are left to Congress and the Supreme Court respectively. 


Section 6. Minimum System Capabilities. The automated election system must at least have the following functional capabilities:


a)    Adequate security against unauthorized access;


b)    Accuracy in recording and reading of votes as well as in the consolidation, canvassing, electronic transmission and storage of results;


c)    Error recovery in case of non-catastrophic failure of device;


d)    System integrity ehich ensures stability and functioning of the recording and counting process;


e)    Provision for proper verified audit trail;


f)      System audit, which provides for supporting documentation for verifying the correctness of reported election results;


g)    Accurate ballot counters;


h)    Provide for safekeeping, storing and archiving phyical or paper resource used in the electoral process,


i)       Provide a voter a system of verification to find out whether or not the machine has registered his choice.


These were the safeguards that were compromised by the Comelec.

Foremost in these were the removal of digital signatures required under our e-Commerce Laws, disabling of the ultra-violet ray lamps in the PCOS machines that would have determined the genuineness of ballots used, and non-inclusion of the voter verification feature.


The removal of digital signatures cancelled identifying the source of the various transmissions that were being sent to the central server from all over the country. (The server assigned at the Congress of the Philippines received a tally of 253 million votes, or more than five times the number of registered voters.)


The UV Ray reader was required to read ballots’ bar code and verify the authenticity of the document.


The PCOS machine did not tell the voter after it received his ballot, who he voted for. The security feature was replaced by Comelec, again unilaterally, with the words “Congratulations!”


Because of the unholy-and-lawless ground that the 2010 elections was conducted, generating more than 100 protests from all over the archipelago, the Republic of the Philippines has never been subjected to this clear and present danger of anarchy.


The annulment of the 2010 elections will render vacancies in very vital positions, in fact from the President to the Vice President, all congressmen, 12 senators, all governors, vice governors and board members, all mayors, vice mayors and councilors, will be non-existent.


This will result in the absence of any chief, provincial and local executives, in reality no government.


This means there will be no commander-in-chief, a specter that will throw the security of the country into a vacuum, a back-to-the-wall situation courting the possibility of external aggression or internal subversion.


The crisis of state authority and the people’s sovereignty is, however, not without recourse.


In Article 2 Section 3 of the Cory Constitution, the wisdom claims its timely place under the Philippine sun – “The Armed Forces of the Philippines is the protector of the Filipino people and the State.”


Being the singular and only remaining organization intact nationally and locally composed of highly-trained and disciplined officers and personnel, the Armed Forces can provide for the transition government managing the country in the interim emergency until a new elections can be called.


Onli in da Pilipins! # # #


(To be continued . . .)


Caution: The views and opinions expressed in this series by Ado Paglinawan and his associates such as Homobono Adaza, Mentong Laurel and Company do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of the editorial staff, webmaster and writers of this website.

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Last Updated on Saturday, 03 July 2010 14:57
Comments (2)
1 Saturday, 03 July 2010 15:15
Dear Ado,

Salamat for your continuing write ups on the recent election. Nakakayanig basahin. Talagang hindi kapanipaniwala na gagawin nila iyan.

Pero sa akin, and it seems the Consultant na hindi Consultant ng National Democratic Front sa Europe, na si Noynoy talagang overwhelming choice ng ating kawawang masa.

So kayong tatlo ni Governor Homobono Adaza, Mr. Herman Laurel, at ikaw, nagpunta sa Corte Suprema, para ipawalang bisa ang election na sinasabi sa mga emails that you have been sharing with us, was the handiwork of a powerful, rolling with money, cabal na ang posibleng utak is Mr. Puno?

Iyong aking sense Ado are the following:

1. "Puputi ang uwak at iitim ang tagak" -- in the words of aming mahal na Ka Pule dito sa WFA Dakdakan Talipapa na iniwan mo, talaga bang ikaw, brilliant, courageous Adolfo Paglinawan, hindi marunong mag-unsubscribe from a Yahoo egroups, or gusto mo lang kami nina Arman, Amanda, others, at ako na pagutusan? -- kung ang Corte Suprema na iyan will decide in your favor, that is nullify that election. Frankly Ado, wala akong tiwala sa Corte Suprema na iyan. Pakiwari ko that in most cases, siempre ang kanilang desisyon will be based on their values, seguro ang core value would be "kung ano ang masarap sa amin" ala Ayn Rand, selfish and greedy, let the devil take the hindmost, self-interest. Kahit nuong panahon ng No. 1 UP alumnus at No. 2 sa Transparency International, di ba sunod sunoran ang Corte Suprema nuon?

2. With your forbearance Ado, puede bang sabihin ko ito? Sa Bangsa Kasuko-an, and in societies and political systems na kapareho ng Bangsa Kasuko-an na baka maging "failed state", ang kapangyarihan, sa tingin ko, ay hindi base sa force of the law which is regarded by the armed forces and the political and governmental institutions in the "First World" countries, as almost sacrosanct. Ang kapangyarihan -- POWER, FORCE, POLITICAL AND GOVERMENTAL AUTHORITY, ETC. -- is based on the power of the gun. Ano ang sabi ni MTT? "Ultimate power comes from the barrel of the gun" or words that effect. Kaya sa Homeland, ang Sandatahan Hukbo -- at marami sa kanila hindi nangingimi na pumatay -- ang final arbiter ng mga nakakayanig na issues, like itong issue na dinala niyo ni Gov Adaza, the writer Mr. Herman Laurel na ang heroes ay ang No. 1 UP Alumnus at si No. 1 Sensualist, at ikaw.

3. So kung null and void ab initio ang nakaraan na, whatever you call it, at walang mga Trapos na napili, iyong "specter" na iniisip mo, i.e., :

(a) the possibility of external aggression (sino ang mga aggressors? mga Komunista na Kapitalistang Chekwa? Malaysia? America? nandoon na sina Rodel Rodis at Ted Laguatan at si Greg Makabenta mga advanced task force, mga Hapones na ang marami ay mga UDF ng kanilang mga bana na Pinay katulad kay Susan Fujita at Maria Takahashi, hindi naman believable ang Jemaah Islamiyah at Al Qaeda),

(b) internal subversion (ginagawa na ito ng MILF at mga Muslim brothers and sisters which has resulted in some 150,000 of our people dying, di ba? at lalo na sina Joma and Ka Luis, Ka Roger, etc sa National Democratic Front for the past 41 years, at sabi ng Swords into Ploughshares Foundation in Canada, mga 40,000 and counting and patay na, at ang mga magnanakaw, plunderers, and mga amo ng summary killers, di ba mga "internal subversives" sila?) mukhang "metas metas" sila, the Muslims and the NDF and other "progressive groups"

So tingin ko Ado, walang specter or mga Tikabalang na mag-aappear.

At assuming na pumuti nga ang Uwak at umitim ang Tagak, at magdesisyon ang mga nasiraang bait na taga Corte Suprema na walang bisa nga ang nakaraan na deadly na laru laro, do you think na ang Sandatahan Hukbo will institute a Golpe de Estado and organize a Military Civilian Junta na kasama kayong tatlo at si Atty Cita Garcia, aming Presidente ng WFA NGO, 0210, Inc. (hehehehehehe) at aming Chairman na ailing, si General Jose "Liber Seregni" Comendador? At papayagan ba ang mga Heneral at mga Coronel at mga privates ng mga superyaman na makikinabang sa leadership nina President Benigno Simeon Aquino III? In my nigthmare Ado. And in the paranoid dream ni Arman and Jun Aguilar pag nandoon na sila sa Paradise doing their duty to the 72 virgins.

Sana man lang kahit 5 Million ang kasama niyong pumirma sa inyong pagsusumamo sa Corte Suprema -- starting with the 3 million strong sa grupo mo, iyong Agarrian Reform Benifciaries Association, ARBA) kasama sina Senators Pimentel, Villar, Gordon, at ang aking No. 1 na Senator, si Gracia Plazo (na hindi na sumusulat sa aming WFA Dakdakan Talipapa), si Bobby Reyes, at ang mga talunan na mga Praning na gustong maging Panggulo at kasama ang kanilang mga barkada, at kasama din ang lahat ng United Front orbiting around the National Democratic Front, at Laban ng Masa especially na parang pinaglaruan si Risa Hontiveros ng mga computer programmers, at ng kanilang mga gadgets, and lalo na if at least 1 million out of the 2 million na kasama niyo sa Petition sasabihin na handa silang magpakamatay pati ang mga taga United Methodist Church Parishioners in America, mga Bayan USA, Gabriela, LFS, etc etc.

Pero as it is now, tatawanan lang kayo nina Rodel Rodis and Perry Diaz and Atty Toto Causing and Atty Cita Garcia. Hehehehehe. The manifestations of the ugly, karumaldumal na reality sa ating lipunan.

Sadly, Ado, ang tingin ng mga more perceptive na mga Pinoy, na iyong mga Superyaman will see to it that the Sandatahang Hukbo will support, and of course, they will support, without any equivocation, the Leadership of President Benigno S. Aquino III.

Incidentally, si Governor Adaza, bida na iyan before I became a freshman sa Unibersidad ng Payatas. Ang kanyang anak na babae, naging estudyante ko. Sana naman itong mga taga Mindanao, like Governor Adaza, Senator Pimentel, Vice Mayor Duterte, iyong mga taga MILF and MNLF, sina Zubiri and Guingona, mag combine ng puwersa, develop the network para si Shiek Nazruddin Dianalan will become at least a Senator someday or vice president or at least igalang ng mga conglomeration ng Trapos na kapareho mong taga Luzon.

At si mysterious Herman Laurel, isulat na ang libro, para maituwid ang kasaysayan ng Bangsa Kasuko-an para people will understand why his heroes are the No. 1 UP alumnus and the No. 1 Sensualist. I am curious kung parang wala siya kibo nuong naguunahan ang mga kapwa niya peryodista sa Homeland para pumirma sa Petition na iyon about the Kademonyuhan ng Ampatuan Massacre, pagkatapos kahit one sentence walang sinabi kung ano ang nangyari sa Petition or whatever you call it na iyon.

With the 4 million ARBA members that you head, why not try to bring all the other forces na tunay na makabayan, starting with the Makabayan group at iyong Laban ng Masa? Ang galing galing mong sumulat, mas magaling pa kay Perry Diaz sometimes, at ang American Express card mo, unlimited charging naman yata, at hindi ka naman tisoy like Locsin, kaya ang masa will join you, katulad ng mga taga Tucuma, iyong urban poor, na si No. 1 Sensualist daw ang hero, like Mr. Herman Laurel.

Incidentally, di ba taga Quezon ka Ado? Mukhang very powerful ang grupo ng Quezon ngayon.

"The annulment of the 2010 elections will render vacancies in very vital positions, in fact president, vice president, all congressmen, 12 senators, all governors and board members, all mayors and councilors, will be non-existent.

This will result in the absence of any chief, provincial and local executives, in reality no government.

This means there will be no commander-in-chief, a specter that will throw the security of the country into a vacuum, a back-to-the wall situation courting the possibility of external aggression or internal subversion."

Sana naman Ado na ang aking mga destitute na mga pinsan at pamangkin sa polluted, congested, lousy, terrible, loathsome Metro Manila at sa Samar at sa Japan at sa Hongkong and Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, magkaroon ng pagasa para sa kanilang tubercular and emaciated na mga anak.

Ako, ganoon pa rin ang mga concerns ko: a house "under water" or as they say in Arizona, "upside down".

At kaming walang mautang na sa credit cards namin, at hindi kasama sa barkada nina Rodel Rodis, Ted Laguatan, and Loida Nicolas Lewis na mga mayaman, hindi kami isinama sa kanilang grupo para kunan ng TV footage ng ABS-CBN na sila daw ang nagdadala ng 4 million Noypis in America.

So kailan ka babalik sa America?

Paano na pala ang kaso ni Marlene Esperat? Pupunta ka ba sa Marbel, Cotabato para kausapin ang kapatid ni Marlene, si Valmie, or somewhere in Cotabato para kumustahin ang mga anak ni Marlene? Iyong isa nasa Davao daw yata, na eldest na babae, may asawa na.

Paano si Bulate?

Cesar Torres

(As e-mailed to the Editor and posted in several e-newsgroups)
2 Sunday, 22 August 2010 21:55
Bata ka ng Isafp !

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