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Jan 31st
Home Sections Humor & Satire A Filipino Invents a Better Version of the iPhone
A Filipino Invents a Better Version of the iPhone PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Humor & Satire
Saturday, 14 July 2007 05:29

The world will be stunned to know that a Filipino inventor has come up with a product that puts to shame the much-vaunted iPhone of the Apple Computers.

The Filipino, who goes by the moniker "Talpulano Talpulani" (T2), showed his new phone’s capabilities to a MabuhayRadio team of reporters in an exclusive interview. The phone is dubbed the "World’s Exceptional Phone" or "wePhone," for short. T2 said he has to resort to the use of an alias because of the need to safeguard his patent application. He said also that people would prefer more his gadget because "We" is a lot better than the "i." After all, there is no letter "i" in the word "team." He said also that his invention is intended to become the "wePhone of mass destruction, oops, communications," as it will make obsolete, or destroy the need for, cellular phones (as we know it), including the iPhone, in the entire world.

T2 said that the wePhone can perform all what the iPhone does as a medium for television programming, the Internet, etc. The wePhone does more, as it serves also as an iPod, a digital camera, voice recorder, fax machine, instant verbal translator and generates solar-based electricity with the use of an umbrella-like attachment (ULA). The wePhone, by using this attachment, can recharge batteries, even an electric-car's batteries, and the surplus electricity generated by its ULA can reduce a dwelling’s electrical consumption.

Asked to demonstrate the gadget as a fax machine, T2 simply photographed the document being faxed and then sent it. A regular fax machine was able to receive the transmission and print a copy of the document faxed. Wow . . .

The wePhone’s umbrella accessory comes in various sizes and shapes. It can serve as a hat. The umbrella can also function like a shield against the rays of the sun, thereby eliminating the need for cream or spray to minimize the hazards of the ultraviolet rays of the sun. T2 said also that the wePhone’s umbrella-like source of solar-powered "clean" energy can unify the diverse groups of any community. How? All its users could say that they belong to an "umbrella organization," especially during the rainy season when people have to open their umbrellas. The wePhone’s umbrella is weather-proof and can operate in any kind of climate.

T2 is a self-taught scientist. He said that he came out ahead with his version of the digital camera, which he named the "di-jiay-tal," as he thought of it while he was vacationing in the Ilocos Region of the Philippines. However, T2 did not obtain a patent for his camera. The industrialized world followed in his footsteps and beat him to the Patents' Office. And the rest is history.

The Filipino inventor claimed also that he came up ahead with his version of the "Black Berry" mini-computer of a cellular phone. But he said that he made a mistake of calling it the "Beri-Berry," and the Center for Communicable Disease in Atlanta, GA, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration objected to his patent application. They thought wrongly that his device was a medical apparatus to fight beriberi.

What else will this Filipino inventor come up next?

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