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Dec 03rd
Home Sections Humor & Satire A Preview to a Niños Inocentes Edition: “Malacañang’s ‘Queso de Ebola’” and Other Satires
A Preview to a Niños Inocentes Edition: “Malacañang’s ‘Queso de Ebola’” and Other Satires PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Humor & Satire
Monday, 22 December 2008 13:54

As stated in How Filipinos Reinvented Christmas “Filipinos are known for their savvy wit and humor. Somehow they turned December 28th, which is Holy Innocents' Day – per the Biblical account of how King Herod ordered the slaughter of all male babies – into an Advent equivalent of the April Fool's Day. Now, the ‘Niños Inocentes’ in the Philippines has become a day for pranksters, humorists and lampoonists (sic). Yes, the Philippines is perhaps the only country in the world that celebrates the April Fool's Day in April and then in December.”

Last Christmas Season, we published several satirical articles in observance of the Niños Inocentes Day. This Advent we intend to come up with what we think are very-funny spoofs and more satires.

We are working on several articles for this year’s Niños Inocentes edition, some of which are tentatively headlined:

*** Pig Ebola Now in RP and Congressmen Refuse to Accept Malacañang’s “Queso de Ebola” at this link:

*** An Exclusive Story on the “BangsaBicol”

*** Fil-Am Physicians Confirm that Grandkids Cause Elevated Cholesterol Level

As we cannot reveal more details about the coming stories, we urge our readers to check on this website in the evening of December 27th, as it would be by that time already Niños Inocentes Day in the Philippines.

By the way we think that the first-ever Niños-Inocentes prank was the myth and historical hoax that is story of Fray Odoric. The “Fray Odoric” tale said that "the first Christmas in the Philippines was celebrated 200 years before Magellan discovered the country in 1521. These alleged historians claim that Christmas was introduced in the Philippines probably between 1200 AD and 1320 AD. They say that on the way back to Italy from the Orient, an Italian priest by the name of Fray Odoric celebrated mass (on December 25th) on the shores of what is now the Province of Pangasinan. The natives in Pangasinan became friendly when they realized he and his compatriots meant no harm. A Christmas tree was allegedly planted beside a black cross that had been erected on the ground. Father Odoric then proceeded allegedly to start the first Christmas mass. These historical buffs do not provide, however, primary or even secondary sources that would confirm even the existence of this Fray Odoric. This historical claim may be similar to the allegations of some of them that the Philippine island of Samar was named after the Biblical region of Samaria, where Jesus Christ used to preach. And that the apostle Thomas visited Samar Island after his missionary work was done in the western coast of India. Perhaps they would claim also that one of the lost tribes of Israel settled in Samar” (as reported in How Filipinos Reinvented Christmas ).

So, stay loose and as the Tagalog folks say it, “Abangan . . .” # # #

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