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Mar 30th
Home Sections Humor & Satire It Is So Hot in the Western United States . . .
It Is So Hot in the Western United States . . . PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Humor & Satire
Friday, 31 August 2007 07:23


T here is a heat wave in the Western United States. It is really hot in Southern Nevada and Southern California that some Filipino-American journalists like Dioni Batongmaliit refuse to wear their medias (Filipino term for socks). But they continue to claim that they work for the "medias" (plural supposedly of the term, "media," according to Dioni). And that . . .

Filipino entertainer Rico J. Puno, who now performs frequently in Southern California, says that even when it is not hot, he does not wear any pair of socks, unlike these "medias" practitioners. That’s right, Rico J; just sock it to them.

Some Filipino TNTs (illegal immigrants) are flocking to the Homeland Security Department’s ICE to avail themselves of the office’s ICE-cold temperature even if they have not been reported yet by the NaFFAA McKapilis.

Filipino-American priests like Rev. Mike Java and Rev. Mau Goloran are using the temperature in their sermon (like "If you think today’s weather is hot, then you will not like hell where the temperature is absolutely hotter . . .")

A mong Filipino Americans, only the folks from the Bicol Region in the Philippines seem to enjoy it. Why? Because the Bicolano Americans say that the name of their home region is pronounced, "Be Cool, "and it seems that they have a built-in cooling system.

Even Bicolanos are eating less of their favorite peppers and chili. Why? They say that while they like it hot, they don’t really go for it when it is that hot.

Even Filipino-American real-estate agents like Perry (the McKapiri) have cancelled their "Open House" presentations. Perry said that he would just write this weekend. He writes (even if he did not go to any Journalism School) because he thinks that the Fourth Estate is part of the real-estate business (after brokerage, escrow and title insurance).

Many Filipino-American senior citizens are forced to go to air-conditioned public places (no longer the shopping malls but the Indian casinos, although the younger ones prefer Las Vegas, where they claim the action is hotter . . .)

Filipino-American lawyers like Rodel Rodis are postponing their cases (including their own) and they just want to go to lakes or the ocean to catch the fish and the breeze. After all, some of them just fish for evidence that resulted in some malpractice suits being filed against them . . .

Filipino-American farmers in Delano or Bakersfield are abandoning their fields (because also of the lack of migrant agricultural workers) and wishing they could go back to Hawaii, where some of their ascendants worked in farms. . .

A nd finally it is so hot that Romy Marquez sent in the article, "Common-sense Tips for Avoiding Heat Stroke," as issued by the American Heart Association. And if you have not read it yet, you can still do so by clicking on this link


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