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Sep 29th
Home Sections Humor & Satire President Arroyo Gets New Title of “Czarina”
President Arroyo Gets New Title of “Czarina” PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Humor & Satire
Tuesday, 13 January 2009 05:25

P hilippine-American political pundits and wags are having a field day in lampooning Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (PGMA) as the country’s new “czarina.” Other “filisopos” even say that soon the Philippines will be exporting canned sardines that will be labeled as “Gloria’s Czardinas.”

The uproar on humor and punning exercises came about when PGMA announced today (Jan. 13, 2009) that she would act as “the government’s anti-drug czar,” as reported by the GMANews.TV, excerpts of which are reproduced hereunder. The complete article can be read by clicking on this link,


There is no truth, however, to the rumor that Ado Paglinawan, a Washington, DC-based writer-critic of President Arroyo, said allegedly that his prediction of PGMA leaving the presidential palace in a horizontal position would now come true. There was an unfounded report that Mr. Paglinawan said allegedly, “Now that PGMA is a czar, perhaps she and her family would meet also the fate of the last czar of Imperial Russia.” Mr. Paglinawan denies that he ever compared Czarina Gloria to Czar Nicholas II and his czarina, Alexandra, who were the Last Romanovs.


On the other hand, Prof. Cesar “Czr” Torres of San Francisco, California, denies also that he had anything to do with the punning exercises, as stated in the lead paragraph of this article. Professor Czr reminds his critics that they must “give to Cesar what is Czr’s and to PGMA what the Almighty deserves.” Lastly, Professor Torres denies that he is last Romano of Samar. He says that the flocks of Romano Catholics in Samar are actually increasing in number.


It seems that PGMA likes “to bite off much more than she could chew,” to paraphrase the lyrics in the song, “My Way.” She gets too involved even in mundane or trivial matters. Like the time when she flew to Mindanao just to receive the surrender of the murderer Norberto Manero, who ate also part of the brains of an Italian missionary that he slew. The Manero surrender could have been held routinely and handled by law-enforcement officers. But PGMA decided to dash off to Mindanao to hug the limelight and have photo ops with the presidential press corps.


Perhaps PGMA should study the Ronald Reagan presidency. President Reagan stayed at the Oval Office only from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. When President Reagan ordered the bombing of Libya, he went to bed at his normal hour of 8:00 p.m. (that is, if he did not have any state dinner or official evening functions to attend). President Reagan quipped allegedly to his military aide, “Wake me up only when and if the Libyans manage to shoot down one of our aircraft.” But the bombing raid over Libya went smoothly and Mr. Reagan had his normal good night of a rest.


Editor's Notes: PGMA and this website’s readers may like to read
 the following articles that this author penned about Mr. Reagan:


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B ut on a somber note, if PGMA is indeed serious about combating the illegal-drug problem of the county, she must not trivialize matters. She has too many matters to attend and she cannot function effectively as the “Drug Czarina.” The drug crisis has reached pandemic proportion. If Her Royal Highness, oops, Her Excellency could not trust her army and police generals to solve it (because the top men in uniform are allegedly protecting, if not part of, the drug syndicates), perhaps she should make her Presidential Security Command in-charge of the problem.


Here are articles about the growing illegal-drug problem in the Philippines that is rampaging like a bull in a fine-china and ceramic store:


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Senate Probe to Trace Source of Money Carried by Police General

* * * * *

Here is the article,

“Arroyo now RP anti-drug czar amid 'Alabang Boys' mess,” as written by Johanna Camille Sisante, www.GMANews.TV

01/13/2009 | 11:43 AM  
P resident Gloria Macapagal Arroyo on Tuesday said she will act as the government's anti-drug czar in the wake of the "Alabang Boys" controversy. 
A report over QTV's Balitanghali said President Arroyo made the statement before the start of the Cabinet meeting at Malacañang

She said the controversy regarding young drug suspects Richard Brodett, Jorge Jordana Tecson, and Joseph Tecson should serve as a lesson to all sectors to intensify the war against illegal drug use.  
A separate radio report quoted President Arroyo as saying that local communities that will be declared drug-free zones will be granted adequate funding for projects promoting the welfare of the youth.  
House Speaker Prospero Nograles said President Arroyo is the best person to lead the government's anti-drug efforts at this time. 
"I guess nobody can do it better than Czarina Gloria under the circumstances, with the vast power and resources of the Office of the President," House Speaker Nograles reportedly said in a text message to the media.  
Five DOJ officials implicated in the "Alabang Boys" mess went on leave on Monday, including Justice Undersecretary Ricardo Blancaflor, chief state prosecutor Jovencito Zuño, senior state prosecutor Phillip Kimpo, and state prosecutors Misael Lagada and John Resado. Resado penned the December 2 resolution dismissing the case against the three drug suspects.  
PDEA Special Enforcement Services head Major Ferdinand Marcelino earlier alleged that DOJ prosecutors were bribed with P50 million by the drug suspects' affluent families to ensure their release. Marcelino also claimed that he was offered P3 million by the Tecsons so he will not file charges against the suspects in the first place, but said he refused the bribe. 
The three drug suspects, who were nabbed in a buy-bust operation last September 20, are currently under PDEA custody. Their fate remains uncertain pending Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez's review of the resolution recommending their release. – www.GMANews.TV
  # # #

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