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Aug 13th
Home Sections Humor & Satire The Truth Is Lolo Bobby’s Employed as One of the World’s Most-outstanding Multitasking Experts
The Truth Is Lolo Bobby’s Employed as One of the World’s Most-outstanding Multitasking Experts PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Humor & Satire
Written by Bobby M. Reyes   
Monday, 24 January 2011 11:15

The NaFFAA’s “Esclamado-Lewis (EL) Clique” and its Dimwitted Media Mouthpieces Don’t Know Multifaceted Jobs Grandparents Do



By Bobby Mercado-Reyes of Sorsogon City

and West Covina City, California


Grandparents are now the modern-day 'slaves' of America although many of them are happy campers -- Lolo Bobby


T he 20-or-fewer detractors of this writer from the NaFFAA’s corrupt “Esclamado-Lewis (EL) Clique” (including their Three Stooges AKA “3-D ‘Journalists’” like the perrytale writer) do not understand the meaning of the above-stated quotation, which I wrote with a lot of humor in it. They do not, or simply refuse to, understand the multitasking roles of grandparents in the United States.


The “EL Clique” detractors and their mouthpieces like to broadcast that “Lolo Bobby is an old man who is jobless and lives only on the generosity of kin and friends, aside from being a crazy troublemaker,” etceteras, etc., ad infinitum. But they refuse to admit that Lolo Bobby earns his keep, to use an oft-quoted adage, and his multitasking functions at home are the reasons his kin subsidize his many community advocacies and media activism.


As published before in the of New York City and as reprinted in the, the NaFFAA detractors have been maligning Lolo Bobby with lots of malicious nouns and adjectives, as could be read in this article, There Are Good People in the NaFFAA Who Can Put the House in Proper Order, to wit:


·        “For the record, I do believe that many of the NaFFAA national executive officers (NEOs) think that the Filipino Americans are that dumb that the people would not be able to decipher the financial anomalies in the federation. These NaFFAA officials think also that by painting Bobby Reyes, the messenger (whistle blower), as an ‘idiot, a crazy troublemaker, an as_hole (as per the posting of Atty. Rodel Rodis), a liar, a demon, reincarnation of the devil, Filipino Satan, unchristian, immoral person (who is not married to his wife), illegal alien (and reporting him to the INS in 2000, 2001 and 2002 – and annually ever since, so as to have him deported), rat, parasite, worm, pauper, adulterer, terrorist, father of divorced children, bogus leader, impersonator, etceteras, etc. (as written mainly in the May 10, 2002, column of Greg ‘Lagareng Hapon’ Macabenta in the Ang Peryodiko (now defunct) and the postings of NaFFAA treasurer Ludy Corrales),’ would persuade Overseas Filipinos and the Filipino people to ignore my complaints and exposé. But people know that Bobby Reyes is not the issue. People are not stupid. And certainly the federal and state authorities are not dumb.”


A Jack of All Trades and Master of Household Chores


T he truth is Lolo Bobby is one of the world’s most-outstanding multitasking experts – even if he has retired from paid employment in 1992. Yes, grandparents, especially Filipino lolos and lolas, are busy like bees in doing many tasks, often simultaneously at that. And a grandparent is usually not only a jack of all trades but also often a master of household chores . . .


Aside from writing and editing the many articles sent by columnists and correspondents that are published in this website, Lolo Bobby does research in Philippine history, Philippines-United States relations and does community advocacies. He runs also after the crooks in the community (like the NaFFAA’s “EL Clique” members), fake lawyers and bogus journalists, etceteras, etc., which is almost a full-time work.


To read this author’s first article about grandparenting (sic), please click this link, Lolo Bobby's Apocalisto


At his home, Lolo Bobby also does many tasks like a typical Filipino grandparent in the United States, and his jobs are – but not limited to – (in alphabetical order):


·        Alarm-clock Operator. As I am usually doing computer work quite early in the morning almost all seven days of the week, I wake up my school-age grandchildren. There is no need for alarm clocks, as I am the best one there is.


·        Auto and Motor-pool Supervisor. I check up the family vehicles’ oil and other fluids, check weekly the tire pressure and bring them to the shop for servicing or repairs. Then often I walk or take the bus from the auto shop to our residence -- as an exercise to boot.


·        Baby Sitter. Often when all the other adults in our home are out, I watch my grandkids even if they are no longer babies but growing rascals.


·        Cereal Killer. I finish all the cereals the grandkids leave in the manufacturer’s box (after they get tired of it and shift to another brand or kind). And also the food that the growing rascals leave when I take them to fast-food chains. I “recycle” my grandkids’ left-overs, instead of throwing them into the garbage can.


·        Dishwasher. I clean up and wash all the rascals' plates and utensils that they just dump on the kitchen sink (unless my daughter asks me to just place them in the dishwashing machine for her to operate after dinner is done).


·        Dog Feeder and Trainer. I take care of my grandkids’ two big dogs, feed them and make sure that they are in the garage by 10:00 p.m. and out to the yard by 7:00 a.m. And I train them not to make pee-pee and pooh-pooh inside the garage (almost a "Mission Impossible").


·        Driver cum “School-bus” Operator. No need to describe, as it is public knowledge what this job entails.


·        Garbage Czar. I pick up all the things thrown in the waste baskets, bring them outside to the garbage bin and make sure the receptacles are picked up on the curb side on Thursday mornings.


·        Green-Revolution Supervisor. I supervise the Mexican gardeners and in lieu of a green thumb, I am the one who give the greenbacks to them.


·        Grocery Bagger and Carrier. Aside from driving my wife to the grocery or supermarket, I help bag the grocery items that she buys, carry them to the car and bring them inside the home.


·        Kitchen Helper. I just assist my wife while she cooks, as I often hand to her the ingredients from the shelves and at the end, wash all the pots and pans. And yes, my wife cannot operate the can opener and I do it with gusto.


·        Laundromat Operator. I operate the washing machine and drier on most days – usually while I am doing computer work at the garage, making telephone calls to my community allies and writing or editing articles.


·        Masseur. I serve as the massage therapist of my wife. She likes especially my version of “Sensation Massage,” which consist of . . . (censored).


·        Medicine Dispenser. When my grandkids are sick and their parents are at work, I am the guy who makes sure that they take the right medicine in the proper dosage.

·        Museum Tour Guide. I accompany my school-age grandkids in their field trips to museums, as related in this article, A Realistic History of the Barong Filipino. 

·        Recycling Operator. I make sure that the Mexican gardeners put the green wastes in the green garbage bin; collect all the newspapers, magazines and school papers, aluminum cans and plastic bottles to take to the recycling center, where they are sold (with one of my grandkids pocketing the payment received from the recycler).


·        Sports Coordinator and Guide. I used to take several of my seven grandchildren to baseball games at the Dodgers Stadium (before we boycotted the Dodgers because of the hiring of drug-using Manny Ramirez). I teach our rascals the history of baseball and how the stadium is like a cathedral. Then they got big kicks when they saw me on the playing field when I organized the First and Second “Filipino-American Community Night at the Dodgers Stadium" in 2006 and 2007. We may lift this season the baseball boycott, as Manny Ramirez is gone.


·        Walking Encyclopedia, Grammar-and-Spelling Checker. My wife and kin usually ask me to provide historical data and even the right spelling when they do homework or even when they post entries in the Facebook©.


·        Wizard of Coffee-making. This is the best task that I like to do. Every morning I prepare a cup of coffee for my wife, who takes her medicines as soon as she wakes up. Sometimes, she rises from bed before I could make the coffee and I always ask her: “Coffee, Sweetheart?” But then my good friend and fellow retiree in New Jersey, Eddie “Pretty Boy” Peña, advised me several years ago to change the question and emulate him. Mr. Peña also prepares coffee for his wife, Ching, but he asks her first this question, “Coffee or sex, Sweetheart?” To Mr. “Pretty Boy” and me, this is the best task that we like to do.


N ow, will readers tell the members of the NaFFAA’s “EL Clique” and their rah-rah boys (AKA “3-D ‘journalists’”) to stop calling me (and by implication, other Filipino grandparents, too) as “unemployed”? We Filipino grandparents in America have too many damn but likable, if not fulfilling, jobs to do 24/7. LOL. # # #


Editor’s Note: To read about the Filipino “3-D journalists (kuno),” please click on this link, Three Filipino Wannabe Writers Come Up With “3-D ‘Journalism’”

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 03 September 2013 04:43
Comments (2)
1 Monday, 24 January 2011 18:39
Cereal Killer??!! Ha ha ha haaaa. too funny Bobby, what I don't like to see is that after years of babysitting, the grandparents are discarded like old furnitures, and there are stories like that. Problems of FilAm senior citizens are ignored, and they cannot go back to their ancestral home 'cuz they sold all their properties when they left and their peers are mostly gone now.

Detroit, Michigan
2 Saturday, 16 April 2011 17:00
Well put Bobby,,lol..That makes me think now, I was planning on retiring soon..Now you made me thinking all that jobs you've been doing as a retiree,hmmnn,hahaha!!I will stick to my 8 to 5 job for now..Lol...Mind you I'm not lolo yet whew!!!!

Sudbury, Ont. Canada

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