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Mar 28th
Home Sections Humor & Satire Why Do Gay People Want "Gayriage"?
Why Do Gay People Want "Gayriage"? PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Humor & Satire
Tuesday, 17 June 2008 01:42

A Satire by Bobby Reyes (As Updated on Aug. 13, 2010)

New Title: Why Do Gay People Want "Gayriage"?


S ome folks cannot understand why their Gay Brethren want to marry when some Straight People now do not like to get married? So why are the Gay People so passionate about their right to get married?


Editor's Notes

1.) Lolo Bobby Reyes coins two new words today, Feb. 28, 2013. The new words are "Gayriage" and "Gayvorce." He defines "Gayriage" as the "civil union of two individuals belonging to the same sex," as may be permitted by a State of the United States of America or a foreign government. And "Gayvorce" happens when "gayriage," the civil union, is ended by mutual agreement or as may be sought by one of the parties and then recognized by a civil court. The will now add the two new terms in its stylebook and thus, common-law copyright is established. The public may now use the said new words freely.

2.) Proposition 8, which bans gay marriage, was approved by California voters on Nov. 4, 2008. At least this article should be able to soothe the wounded feelings of the opponents and supporters of Proposition 8.


However, the battle for the same-sex marriage continues to brew in the Golden State. Here are excerpts from the latest article on the Battle for Proposition 8 by Mike Anton as published in the Los Angeles Times, August 13, 2010, issue:


“When a federal judge last week struck down California's Proposition 8 as unconstitutional, proponents of same-sex marriage cheered the decision at rallies in West Hollywood and San Francisco.

“Public displays of displeasure at U.S. District Chief Judge Vaughn R. Walker's ruling were few and far between. But
Walker's decision struck an angry chord with many who voted for Proposition 8 in 2008.

“On Thursday, he extended a temporary hold on his order until Wednesday to give sponsors of the measure time to appeal the ruling. Late in the day, proponents filed papers with the
U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, seeking to block any marriages while their appeal is heard . . ."


To read Mike Anton’s article in its entirety, please click on this link:

Prop. 8 supporters shift their strategy



A ccording to some wags and pundits like my literary mentor, Fred Burce Bunao, and my first boss of an editor, Mar G. de Vera (who is still a bachelor), here are the differences between “Love and Marriage” . . .


·        Love is holding hands in the street; while Marriage is holding arguments in the street.


·        Love is dinner for two in a quiet but cozy restaurant; while Marriage is often Chinese take-out or left-over.


·        Love is going to the opera; while Marriage is viewing soap opera on a portable television at the kitchen while soaping and rinsing dishes.


·        Love is cuddling on a couch; while Marriage is getting upset at the couch-potato spouse.


·        Love is talking about having children; while Marriage is talking about getting away from children.


·        Love is going to bed early; while Marriage is going to sleep early.


·        Love is keeping fit and trim, so as to continue to be attractive to the beloved; while Marriage is “Calories Galore,” as married people often get fat, if not become obese.


·        Love is whispering “sweet nothings” in the ear; while Marriage is sweating, knowing there is nothing left in the debit card and whispering to, nay shouting at, the spouse not to overdraw it again.


·        Love is a flickering, if not a shining, flame; while Marriage is a shining, if not a flickering, television.


·        Love is writing poems for the beloved; while Marriage is writing shopping lists, things-to-do lists, do-this-do-that-ad-infinitum lists.


·        Love is driving a sports car or at least a two-door sedan; while Marriage is driving a mini-van, if not a full-size van (especially if the mother-in-law and her party travel with the couple).


·        Love is one drink with two straws or one shared cup of wine; while in Marriage "Don't you think you've had enough?" is often the straw that breaks the camel’s back.


So for the love of Christ, why do Gay People want Marriage? In fact, why do many Straight People also want Marriage?

Editor's Note: Perhaps Readers may like to read another article in this website that talks about Marriage Blues 


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Last Updated on Thursday, 28 February 2013 20:08

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