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Friday, 14 December 2007 04:03

There is a master spirit that commands our national soul, and it lacks only a master plan to manifest that spirit. We have a master spirit without a master plan.

 --   Jose Ma. Montelibano


Jose Ma. Montelibano is both right and wrong when he wrote in his recent column the statement, as quoted above. He is right about the “master spirit” that commands the Filipino soul. But “Boy” Montelibano is wrong when he said that “it lacks a master plan to manifest that spirit.”


Editor’s Notes: To read the columns of Mr. Montelibano, please visit the Opinion Section of the You can also use this hyperlink,


There is the master plan or at least components of it that are already published in several web sites in Southern California, Chicago, New York and Washington, DC. Now, this Los Angeles-based online publication is proceeding to reprint the master plan, as updated, revised or modified to suit the changing circumstances of the times.

Actually Overseas-Filipino workers (OFWs) and their friends in the homeland have been talking about, and writing, the components of a “master plan” of “reinventing” the Philippines, energizing the people and doing fundamental structural reforms. From 2000 to 2004 several groups of OFWs and Filipino Americans tried to influence the proposed platforms of government and economic programs of then presidential aspirants Aquilino Q. Pimentel, Jr., and Raul S. Roco. While Senator Pimentel chose not to run for President, Senator Roco did but he lost in the 2004 presidential election. But Mr. Roco failed to include many of the components of the OFW-proposed “master plan” in his presidential platforms.

For background materials about the Pimentel and Roco adventures (or misadventures) for the 2004 elections, please go to

Revisiting Raul Roco and Nene Pimentel: How They Lost the 2004 Pres Election in 2000 and 2002 and

Revisiting Raul Roco and Nene Pimentel (Part II)

Our group of thinkers proposed way back in 1988 (1-9-8-8) how the Philippines could pay off its foreign indebtedness by letting the homeland become the pilot project of an “Institute of International Debt and Development (I2D2),” as proposed by James Robinson, III, a captain of American industry. To read several articles about the I2D2-based proposals, please go to

To read our proposals on how to “reinvent” the criminal-justice system, the Philippine military and the Filipino psyche, among other topics, please go to

To read our ideas on avoiding a “clash of civilizations,” reforming the voting process, retrofitting the national government and other relevant matters, please go to

We have even proposed the adoption of a crash program similar to “The Manhattan Project” as the Filipino contribution to the fight against Global Warming. We have written 15 articles about this topic in this section

We even used the same term, “master plan,” in Part VIII of the “Global Warming” series, which Mr. Montelibano also used. To read this particular article, please click on this link Master-planning the Filipino "The Manhattan Project" (Part8)

And finally, there is now a document that will form the backbone of an OFW-led Political Party’s economic-governmental platforms. To read it, please visit The Philippine Shadow Government’s "Vision RP 2021" Master Plan

Obviously, there are so many plans of doing the concrete changes for the better in the homeland. It will now be a question of generating the right political will. The task now is to finalize and fine-tune THE Master Plan and put it into action. How the OFW-led Political Party can implement it is slowly but surely being discussed in this section

To borrow the words of HispanoFilipinos, “Vamos a ver.” # # #


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