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Saturday, 28 July 2012 13:07
Wholeheartedly agreed: This must be investigated thoroughly. Because of how much I respect and idealize the Philippines, I have zero tolerance for such atrocities. I absolutely refuse to accept that this civilized nation descend to the level of savage countries like Guatemala and Mexico, for example. Those involved in the killing of your Colleague must be brought to full justice -and I have complete faith in the capability of the NBI. Actually: I am waiting for the resolution of the murder of all those journalists and civilians in Apanatuan. THESE THINGS SHALL NOT HAPPEN IN THE PHILIPPINES! If I were in a position to do something about those criminals, I would not treat them like "just" criminals; I would DISPOSE of them like TRAITORS are dealt with. Because they committed TREASON against their people, having given such despicable publicity to their Nation.

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