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Tuesday, 03 July 2007 15:13

Part VI of the "FilVets' Lobby" Series

The’s webmaster, Allan Albert, traced nine entries in the Users’ Comments posted today after the articles written by Bobby Reyes in his series about the Filipino Veterans’ (FilVets’) Lobby. The postings were supposedly done by nine separate readers. All the comments, however, were traced to a particular computer located in Elk Grove, California, where Perry Diaz resides.

The nine comments naturally defended Mr. Diaz and lambasted Bobby Reyes, Col. Frank Quesada and Jay Caedo. The postings from Mr. Diaz’s computer again raised the supposed immorality of Bobby Reyes and his spouse of almost 38 years, the alleged status of Mr. Reyes as an illegal alien and other personal matters about the Reyes Couple’s son, who had twin brain operations, which medical condition the Reyes Family used allegedly to obtain welfare illegally.

One of the nine postings also tried to "explain" why Mr. Diaz called Mr. Reyes as "gay." The sender said that Mr. Reyes and the Media Breakfast Club (MBC) that he founded use the e-mail address,, and "bacla" is the Filipino term for a gay person. What the postings proved (unwittingly on the part of Mr. Diaz) was that—as Mr. Reyes alleged in his investigative report—Perry Diaz is not only being ostracized by his fellow Filipino-American Republican leaders due to his character flaws and but also is a bigot. It appears that Mr. Diaz carries a lot of hatred against gay people, it being obvious in his frequent reference to the MBC and its founder as being a club composed of gays and lesbians. Reyes reasons out that if Mr. Diaz is not a bigot, then he would not have repeated his oft-quoted line that the "bcla" in Mediabcla referred to "bacla." Mr. Diaz did not realize that nowadays postings on the Internet could easily be traced.

What perennially eats the goat of Mr. Diaz was the Reyes’ report in 2004 that Asian-American Republican leaders removed Mr. Diaz as treasurer of the Asian-American National Republican Council for alleged impropriety in handling the association funds. Further leaks showed that Mr. Diaz commingled the Republican funds with his personal deposits in a Bank of America account in Northern California. Mr. Diaz could not dispute the Reyes’ report, which obviously was fed to the reporter by Filipino-American Republican leaders.

The’s webmaster decided to change the method of posting comments in the web site. Those wanting to post comments have now to log in as registered members.

Mr. Reyes also reproduced a posting in the, where Mr. Caedo confirmed that Mr. Diaz called his mother a "prostitute" at the height of their heated online debate. Mr. Caedo also related that Mr. Diaz insulted likewise two other participants in the online debate. Here is the reproduction of Mr. Caedo’s posting: QUOTE.

From: Jose Caedo <>
Sent: Mon, 2 Jul 2007 5:38 pm
Subject: Re: [NaFFAA_forum] Re: Perry re: "Exposing the Poseurs...." [Okay lang but w...]

Mr.  Moderator:

Just two items for public notice:

1. Regarding the references to Mr. Cesar Torres, I have responded directly to him regarding his record at the Filipino-American Council executive committee. (Editor’s Notes: We will post in another series our investigative report about the now-disputed Filipino-American Council. So, we will delete this part about the brewing Fil-Am scandal in the Bay Area.)

2. Mr. Diaz in this, and other list serves openly, and publicly called me a child of a Pasay prostitute who was picked up in the trash. Likewise he also wrote an E-mail to a certain Dindo Generoso to "f_ck a Kangaroo" in Australia, and Mr. David Martinez in Los Angeles, whom he wrote "Okinam" over the list serve.

Mr. Denoga, it is rather hilarious that Mr. Diaz is now complaining to you of my "habit".  Sanctimonious hypocrites really amaze me no end.

BTW, if I am not mistaken you have met my parents, as I have yours. Our fathers were both associate Medicare Commissioners under Dr. Pacifico Marcos, you will recall.  As to my mother, that is likewise of public record.

Just let this ride lightly. I suspect they are just reacting to the fullness of the moon.

Jay UNQUOTE. # # #

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