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Written by Bobby M. Reyes   
Monday, 09 November 2020 11:18
It Is Time To Join "The Center of Cooperation"

By Bobby M. Reyes

We fully support the policy statement of the President-elect Joe Biden that he would become "the President for all Americans."
Ergo, our website, the, and the 70-plus Facebook Groups that this editor helps in managing -- in cooperation with other Admins and Moderators -- will assist a President Biden achieve his goal.

Our website and Facebook sites will no longer use (after this posting) terms such as "right wing" or "left wing" or "leftists" or "rightists" or "liberals" or "conservatives" and other divisive terms.

We urge all our fellow media practitioners and community leaders to use instead the terms "centrists" and/or "right of center" and/or "left of center." Because if we want people and communities to come together, they should come to, and adopt, the CENTER as a common denominator. If everybody starts from the center, then there are more avenues to achieve compromises and cooperation.

I have this narrative to illustrate a lesson for cooperation and compromise. An Overseas-Filipino worker (OFW) told me that at the height of summer in the Middle East, often the temperature reaches 150-degrees Fahrenheit. I told him that yes, the world would have a triple-digit temperature in summer in many places -- from the sands of Arabia to the deserts of Nevada and California -- before the end of this century. And the high heat will affect all people (whether citizens or guest workers or immigrants) -- be they Muslims (whether they are Shiites or Sunni) to the Christians of any-and-all denominations and to all people of any religion and even atheists. Therefore, everybody must help each other protect Mother Earth by doing proactive work to help the environment like the planting of more trees for a start.

It was a coincidence of coincidences that last Friday, Nov. 6, 2020, I was invited to a tele-conference of a Core Group of community leaders that seek to form this New York-based centrist group:
"United American Centrists" that may be the new name of the "Bloomberg For Purpose" (composed of more-than 50,000 members). If my Facebook friends and readers of this posting believe in starting a centrist cooperation in the next four years in a Biden Administration, pls e-mail:

I am pledging to the UAC prime movers that I will persuade many of the more-than 130,000 members of the said 70 Facebook Groups that I founded and/or administer to consider forming their own chapters of a "Centrist Movement."

Because whether people are in the "right of center," or "left of center," our survival as endangered species of different nationalities, ethnicity, color of skin, creed or political beliefs, rests on becoming parts of the "center" of humanity.

T he four priorities of a Biden presidency (the mitigation or end of the pandemic, socioeconomic goals, the environment and equality) need the cooperation and collective contributions of everybody. And all over the world. # # #

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