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Jun 10th
Home Columns JGL Eye Rosary and Songs, Manny's Secret Weapons
Rosary and Songs, Manny's Secret Weapons PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - JGL Eye
Tuesday, 18 December 2012 17:32


JGL Eye Column


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C HICAGO (jGLi) – If Manny Pacquiao would not suffer brain injury or post-traumatic stress disorder from the devastating right straight he absorbed from Juan Miguel Marquez, by all means, let him go back to the ring if he feels he still has what it takes to win.


But he would need to go back to some of his old pleasant routines if wants to start a winning streak, suggested a friend, Lito Hernandez, saying, “dapat balik si Manny sa kanyang dating gawi.”

For instance, he should recall some superstitions or beliefs that he had done in the past prior to his fight with Marquez that might have worked magic for him.

In the fights leading to Tim Bradley, he had been seen removing his rosary from his neck in the ring prior to his fight.

Another friend, Tony Navarez, noted that during his fight with Bradley, Manny had no longer rosary in his neck. And so, when he fought Marquez, his rosary was also gone. Coincidence or not, Manny lost in both fights.

Doesn’t Manny realize that maybe he should listen to his mother, Mommy Dionesia, that he should go back to his Catholic Faith so he can again wear the rosary, which appears to be his good luck charm?

Perhaps, there is truth to rumors that the pastors, who are weaning Manny away from the Catholic Church, are not really missionaries guiding him to Heaven but are professional financial consultants who are teaching Manny to practice tithing (Genesis 28:20-22) in his philanthropy, like donating 10% of his prize money to the thousands of typhoon “Pablo” victims. Manny announced a donation of P10-million or US$238,095, which is only .007% of his projected earning of $30-million in the Marquez fight. That’s good if the pastors can educate Manny about tithing.

Or helping bail out Filipino Saudi Death Row inmate Rogelio “Dondon” Lanuza with a donation of U.S.$800,000 “blood money” when Manny takes a pilgrimage to Holy Land next year. Or putting up scholarship fund for the children of the Maguindanao Massacre victims, who were always writing about Manny during his early triumphs.

Or telling Manny to pay proper taxes as in the case of Porche Cayenne Turbo that Manny underpaid, according another friend, Butch Balbuena.

Beliefs and superstitions sometimes mix with the success of an athlete. I saw Manny point upwards after every round during his last fight with Marquez. It is like some baseball player, who is praying. But I noticed Marquez making the sign of the cross in between rounds, which used to be Manny’s routine.

I have a feeling Marquez might have seen Manny doing the sign of the cross in the past and it worked for Manny. So, Marquez imitated Manny and it produced a winning result.

Now, they appeared to have traded routines.

But another friend of mine, Mike Enriquez, believes that even if Manny would make a sign of the cross in between rounds, it may be canceled out if his prayer is not sincere or if he is cocky or overconfident. Manny appeared to be “dancing” prior to the launching of Marquez’s “perfect punch” that caused Manny to blackout and fall to the canvass like a log.

Another friend, Marlon L. Pecson, suggested Manny should penalize his corner for not warning Manny during the last ten seconds of the sixth round to properly pace himself prior to his tragic knockout. Had his corner saw that Marquez’s mouthpiece was smashed out of Marquez’s mouth, they could have signaled to Manny to go for the kill.

Having routines are not new in sports. Michael Jordan was wearing his University of North Carolina shorts under his jersey while leading the Chicago Bulls to six NBA championships.

Golf great Tiger Woods has a habit of always wearing red on Sundays of tournaments, and in the past, and it worked wonders for him. Red color is a symbol of good luck in his mother’s homeland, Thailand.

In the case of Manny, he better be ready to memorize more songs whenever he appears as guest at Jimmy Kimmel Live!

In his last appearance at the late-night ABC TV talk show, Mr. Kimmel observed that in the past, whenever Manny guested in his program, Manny would sing and Manny would win.

But in the run-up of his fight with Tim Bradley, Jimmy noted that Manny did not sing that was why Manny did not win.

“Why don’t you sing tonight?” Jimmy asked Manny when Manny appeared as guest prior to his fight with Marquez. Manny blushed and was caught unprepared. And Manny did not sing.

Had Manny crooned with his favorite, “Sometimes When We Touch,” or his signature, “Para Sayo Ang Laban Na Ito” (This Fight Is For You), perhaps, there was a strong chance that Manny would have beaten Marquez.

However, should Manny change his mind and decide to hang up his gloves, he can always do what Kung Fu superstar Jackie Chan is going to do: bid goodbye as actor after  his last upcoming film, “Chinese Zodiac 2012,” and would devote full-time to the world of philanthropy.

This means that all income raised by Mr. Chan will go to charities and nothing for himself, like the MDA Show of Strength, an annual televised benefit concert held each Labor Day Weekend in the United States to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). The program is the successor to the Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon, an annual telethon that ran from 1966 until 2010.

The advantage of being a philanthropist is you stay in the limelight, like Bill Gates, the richest man in America with a net-worth of US$56-billion, donating $28-billion of his wealth to malaria, public health and education or 60% of his wealth.

When TV talk show host Oprah Winfrey had net worth of US$1.4-billion in 2006, she donated US$58.3-million to her Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy, Oprah’s Angel Network and other groups or 41% of her wealth.

While Tiger Woods in 2006, donated $9,500,000 to the Tiger Woods Learning Center, Earl D. Woods Sr. Scholarship Fund, and other Tiger Woods Foundation programs when his net worth was US$90-million or 10% of his wealth. # # #


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