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Sep 30th
Home Sections Literature and Fourth Estate FANHS Web Sites Attract Few Readers
FANHS Web Sites Attract Few Readers PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Literature and Fourth Estate
Thursday, 25 October 2007 09:45

Dr. Leo Pandac and this writer clashed again during this month’s meeting of the Philippine-American Networking and Advocacy (PANA) held at the Search to Involve Pilipino (sic) Americans (SIPA) in Temple St., Los Angeles, California.

The issue again was the celebration in October of the fictitious "Filipino Heritage Month (FHM)" --AKA "Filipino History Month"-- that the "Filipino-American National Historical Society (FANHS)" declared several years back. I said that as written in our web site, the, the FANHS has no right to declare October as the FHM because it is just a mere tax-exempt California registered private corporation. Can a private corporation declare for the people a celebration of a historic event, which many historians have judged to have no basis in fact and in truth?

Dr. Pandac remarked that I could write anything I liked but "nobody is reading the MabuhayRadio." It was good that I had the notebook that contained the day-to-day listing that I record of the number of visitors to our web site. I asked Ms. Guila Maramba of the Ayala Foundation-USA to read the latest entry (from 6:58 a.m. of Oct. 16 to 6:55 a.m. of Oct. 17, 2007) and the total daily number of visitors was 1,003.

The total of visitors the day before was 658 (Oct. 16). And 400 for Oct. 15 and 1,088 for Oct. 14. Ms. Maramba saw the day-to-day record and that ended the argument.

The next issue that Dr. Pandac raised was Hector Santos. He said that Mr. Santos, whom I quoted as a source for my exposé about the FANHS hoaxes, was not a historian. I said that while Mr. Santos did not take up history as his major field of concentration in college, he has a distinguished track record as a very-serious student of history. I said that the proofs are in the web site, the, which Mr. Santos owns, maintains and edits.

Dr. Pandac, who is a member of the FANHS-LA Chapter, said that the FANHS in fact has its own web sites. As the dispute about the FANHS happened at the end of the meeting, I had no time to tell Dr. Pandac and the other seven PANA participants that Mr. Santos’ web site has far more-numerous number of visitors (readers or browsers) than the FANHS's sites.

As of today (Oct. 25, 2007), the is ranked by the as No. 564,952 (564-thousand, nine-hundred fifty-two). The FANHS web sites (the and are both unranked. When a web site is not ranked by the, it means that the traffic of that web site is so insignificant that no ranking could be made. The ranking is the daily average of any given three-month period. The rankings are significant because Mr. Santos and Victor Nebrida (a UCLA history graduate) cofounded the Philippine History Group of Los Angeles (PHGLA) and launched the only in 1995. While the FANHS was organized in 1982. The FANHS, therefore, had a lead time of more-than 13 years than the PHGLA and a similar advantage in the number of years their web sites have been operating.

Now, what is the ranking of the As I said in earlier reports, our web site started in April 2007 below that of the of Toronto, Canada, which was operational at least two years ahead of our online publication. In fact, our site was ranked higher than 8,000,000 after 30 days of operation. The www.mabuhayradio.NET of Toronto is currently ranked by as No. 7,744,864 (above seven-million and seven-hundred forty thousandth in rank).

After just six months and one week, our web site, the, cracked the one-millionth threshold. As of this morning, our ranking was 881,794 (below nine-hundred thousand). In fact, our webmaster, Allan Albert, has decided to put in an counter on our site's Front Page. We are way in advance of our projections. We targeted April 9, 2009, which will be our second-year anniversary, as the date to be ranked as the 99,999-ranked site (or even lower). We think that, thanks to readers like you, we will reach that goal sometime in 2008.

In order to crack the one-millionth ranking, a web site has to generate perhaps close to five-hundred or more hits per day. This is what Mr. Santos's web site, the, and our are getting almost every day.

It is easy to comprehend why the FANHS web sites are not ranked. People do not visit web sites that contain historical hoaxes, lies and/or half truths. This writer's campaign of exposing the FANHS web sites as the domains of Hoaxbalahaps since 1995 has apparently succeeded.

And finally, the web sites of two other organizations that I have attacked for failure to observe religiously the ATIC slogan are not faring well. As of today, the is ranked by as No. 2,820,356 (higher than two-million, eight-hundred thousand in rank). My other pet peeve, the Books for the Burgis, oops, Barrios, is faring doubly worse than the "NaFFAA-ka-Sakit, Kuya Eddie" soap-opera of a federation. The is ranked 5,291,347 (more than 5.2-millionth in rank).

So, Dr. Pandac, et al, who are indeed reading or visiting your web sites? Our and Mr. Santos's have both the data and the contents to show to the world that we practice the ATIC as we preach it. ATIC, as in accountability, transparency, integrity and credibility. # # #

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 25 December 2007 19:33

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