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Oct 04th
Home Sections Literature and Fourth Estate Interesting Translations Between Philippine Languages/Dialects
Interesting Translations Between Philippine Languages/Dialects PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Literature and Fourth Estate
Written by Allan Albert   
Thursday, 06 September 2007 10:07

Below is a list of interesting translations between the different languages/dialects in the Philippines.  To add to this list, just post them in the comments below, or add them to the Glossary

  • bukid: field (farm) (TGL), hill/mountain (CEB, WRY,& HIL).
  • gamot: medicine (TGL), roots of plants (CEB & WRY).
  • habol: pursue (TGL), blanket (CEB & HIL), dulled (CEB & HIL).
  • hilo: become nauseous (TGL & HIL), poison or thread (CEB & HIL).
  • hipon: prawn/shrimp (TGL & HIL), shrimp paste (bagoong [CEB & TAG]).
  • ilog : river (TGL), quarrel over something (CEB), cheat/cheating (HIL).
  • irog: loved one (TGL), move over (CEB).
  • ibon: 'ebun'-egg (Kp), bird (TGL).
  • hubad: translate (CEB), naked (TGL).
  • kadyot: copulate (TGL), a moment (CEB).
  • karon: later (HIL), now (CEB).
  • katok: knock a door (TGL), silly/senseless (CEB & HIL).
  • kayat: want (ILO), copulate (CEB).
  • kumot: blanket (TGL), to crumple (CEB & WRY)
  • laban: against/opposed to (TGL), in support of (CEB)
  • lagay: put (TGL), male genitals (HIL & CEB), mud (WRY)
  • langgam: ant (TGL), bird (CEB).
  • libang: do leisurely things (TGL& WRY), defecate (CEB), to baby-sit or to entertain (HIL)
  • libog: lust (TGL), to be confused (CEB & HIL).
  • lingin: round (CEB), dizzy (HIL)
  • lipong: dizzy (CEB), fainted (HIL)
  • paa: foot (TGL), leg (CEB & HIL).
  • pagod: tired (TGL), burnt/scorched (CEB).
  • palit: change/exchange (TGL), buy (CEB).
  • pagong: turtle (TGL), frog (HIL).
  • pating: shark (TGL & CEB), dove (HIL)
  • sabot: pubic hair (HIL), to understand (CEB).
  • sili: chili (TGL & CEB), penis (WRY).
  • tapak: to step on (TGL & HIL), to patch a hole (CEB).
  • tete: bridge (PMP), Mammary glands (TGL).
  • titi: penis (TGL), breasts (HIL, ILO & CEB)
  • tulo: drip (TGL & HIL), Syphilis (TGL), three (CEB & WRY).
  • usa: deer (TGL & HIL), one (CEB & WRY).
  • usap : to talk (TGL), to chew (CEB & HIL).
  • utong: nipple (TGL), to hold one's breath (CEB).
  • wala : nothing (TGL, HIL, & CEB), there is (PANG), left side (HIL)


Legend: Ilocano (ILO), Kapampangan (PMP), Tagalog (TGL), Cebuano (CEB), Ilonggo/Hiligaynon (HIL), Waray-Waray (WRY), Pangasinan (PANG).

Source (WikiPedia)

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