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Sep 30th
Home Sections Literature and Fourth Estate Rene Villaroman Opens His Photo Gallery on
Rene Villaroman Opens His Photo Gallery on PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Literature and Fourth Estate
Tuesday, 20 November 2007 17:26

Photojournalist Rene Villaroman is now selling his photographs through an online gallery called He has thousands of photographs that he accumulated during a 30-year career as a photographer and journalist. A friend suggested the tie-up with


Rene has begun gathering the photographs that he thinks would be worthy of displaying in homes or businesses. He is still in the process of uploading photographs to his site. He will also embark on a project to digitize his black-and-white and color negatives and slides so that he could make available also these prints at

Some people would call these prints art, or even fine art. But he regards them as photographs. Although digital photography has opened the floodgates to unabashed creativity, these photographs have not been digitally manipulated. The only tweaks Rene has made were minor adjustments in exposure, contrast, and color, when needed.

He exhibits professional pride in his photographs because they personify the feelings that he experienced when he first saw them with his own eyes: Awe, appreciation, delight, serendipity, joy. He wants to share these feelings with his friends and readers of his literary work by directing them to his online site:

There are two ways to get to this site. People can type on their browser and it will take them to his gallery. Or they can go to, type “Rene Villaroman” on the search box, and they will be directed to his site. The prices of these photographs are based on past pricing experience and after perusing the average prices of other photographs being sold in this online gallery. Discounts are available to buyers who will make multiple purchases (minimum of two photographs or jpeg files). The discount rebate checks are mailed after the transaction is completed.

When people get to, they will be presented with ways to buy photographs and other fine arts. Or, if they are unsure on how to proceed, they can send Rene an e-mail at, or at, and he would be more than glad to help them.

These photographs will be matted to make them ready for hanging on walls, or they can be costumed-framed to make them last for generations. The prints will be in 8-inch x 12-inch and 11-inch x 14-inch prints on non-glossy premium photo paper. He is willing to sell these photographs in smaller sizes (5-inch x 7-inch and 9-inch x 10-inch prints), but he has yet to compute the pricing for those sizes. The photographs will be signed by Rene and he will ship them as soon as payments are received at There are shipping options, but Rene’s own personal preferences are the USPS and UPS.

The Yuletide season is almost here, and this offer would be an excellent opportunity to own some of these photographs for the buyer or to give away as presents during the Christmas holidays. Now is the time to make those purchases as the online transactions would take a few days to complete. # # #

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 21 November 2007 13:40

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