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Sep 29th
Home Sections NaFFAAgate Lolo Bobby Finally Mails Dossier to the IRS on the Income-tax and RICO-Act Violations of the NaFFAA’s “ELM Criminal Clique”
Lolo Bobby Finally Mails Dossier to the IRS on the Income-tax and RICO-Act Violations of the NaFFAA’s “ELM Criminal Clique” PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - NaFFAAgate
Written by Bobby M. Reyes   
Friday, 13 May 2011 11:24


A fter finally obtaining the “Missing Link” about the alleged corruption in the National Federation of Filipino-American Associations (NaFFAA), Bobby M. Reyes mails today a completed Form 3949 A of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The IRS form plus an 18-page covering letter were sent by priority mail today. The tracking number is 03102010000106707501.


The “Missing Link” is an e-mail by a NaFFAA co-founder, Ernie Gange, which is reproduced as Attachment No. 2 in the said 18-page covering letter. A well-meaning NaFFAA member (not Mr. Gange or the e-mail’s recipient, Willie Dechavez of Michigan) provided yesterday a copy of the e-mail to this writer. At last, the e-mail proves that it is not only Bobby Reyes who is claiming that corruption exists and has existed in the federation, as committed and/or tolerated by the so-called “Esclamado-Lewis-Macabenta (ELM) Criminal Clique,” but also by a distinguished co-founder and former Pennsylvania State chair of the NaFFAA.


Here is the said 18-page letter to the IRS:


Bobby M. Reyes

Investigative Reporter

and Editor,

3411 Paula St., West Covina, CA 91792


Tel.: (626) 825-0628


May 13, 2011


Internal Revenue Service

Fresno, CA 93888


Attention: Criminal Prosecution Division


Dear Sirs/Ladies:


Ref: National Federation of Filipino-American Associations (NaFFAA)

        Employer identification Number: 52-2063531


1.0    Please find IRS Form 3949 A (Information Referral) about my allegations that the NaFFAA’s controlling clique (composed of prominent and politically-influential American citizens of Filipino descent) – that I name as the “Esclamado-Lewis-Macabenta (ELM) Criminal Clique” – has allegedly committed violations of the Income Tax Law and the RICO Act, specifically the following:


(X) False Exemption

(X) False Deductions

(X) Organized Crime

(X) Kickback

(X) False/Altered Documents

(X) Failure to Pay Tax

(X) Unreported Income

(X) Public/Political Corruption

(X) Failure to File Return

(X) Failure to Withhold Tax

(X) Other (Violation of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act.


2.0           The accusations that I report to your office are the results of a nearly-decade old investigation of the NaFFAA. It is only now that several officers (one of whom is identified in Attachment No. 2) have come out in the open and they have confirmed the illegal acts that I have been accusing the NaFFAA’s ELM Criminal Clique members of committing. They have also provided us with copies of some NaFFAA financial statements. Many of the documents, books and financial records (being kept away from scrutiny by the public and press but that can be subpoenaed to prove my allegations) are kept at the office of its immediate past National Chairman Gregorio Macabenta at:


2.1           Minority Media Services, Inc.

1580 Bryant St., Daly City, CA 94015, and/or


2.2           The Office of the NaFFAA National Chair Emeritus,

Atty. Loida Nicolas-Lewis (the richest Filipino-American woman in the United States) at her office:

9 West 57th St., Suite 3910

New York City, NY 10019


3.0           The members of the so-called “ELM Criminal Clique” that are responsible for the looting of millions of dollars of the NaFFAA national and regional treasuries are:

Alex Esclamado

Lourdes Esclamado

Loida Nicolas-Lewis

Gregorio Macabenta

Alma Q. Kern

Rozita Lee (a member of President Obama’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders)

Rodel Rodis, (an attorney and former president of the San Francisco Community College)

Ben Benedicto Menor

Lourdes Corrales (a former Deputy Mayor of Jersey City, NJ)

Lourdes Ongkeko

Jon Melegrito

Armando Heredia

Aurora Cudal

Lorna Dietz

Does 1-100


4.0           The Unreported Income and Tax Years go back to 1997 (when the NaFFAA was formed) up to the current year. The Statute of Limitations may not apply to the alleged tax evaders, as they are part of an existing conspiracy to defraud the federation and the government of revenues and taxes, respectively. It is suggested respectfully that subpoenas be issued immediately and their criminal clique’s computers be seized as they contain evidence proving the alleged violations of the Income Tax Law and the RICO Act. The “ELM Criminal Clique” has refused also to present the financial reports of some regional chapters that they have organized and which do their own fundraising activities. The IRS Form 990 that the NaFFAA has been submitting annually did not contain any of the fundraising activities of its various regional chapters in the United States and the revenues of its Filipino Global Conferences that it held since 2002 and even in foreign venues such as Manila (Philippines) in 2003 and 2010, Cebu (Philippines) in 2005 and in Sydney (Australia) in 2007. The NaFFAA has scheduled again another Filipino Global Conference in Manila (Philippines) this coming September 2011.


5.0           It is not advisable to submit with Form 3949A the documents in our possession (and those of our allies, the Citizens Rebelling Against Bogus Spending, as identified in Attachment No. 1), as they are too voluminous. We are willing, however, to bring them personally to your office in Fresno, CA, so that we could also pin point the materials that you may be able to use in prosecuting criminally and civilly the alleged members of the NaFFAA’s “ELM Criminal Clique.”


5.1           We and the CRABS officers are willing to serve as witnesses and will testify in any court or administrative proceeding. Many of the Does 1-100 that we will name have also expressed to us a willingness to serve as “State Witnesses,” so that they may be able to avoid jail time and reduce their civil liabilities. We are confident that the IRS, State and the Federal governments will be able to collect millions of dollars in fines and other punitive damages, aside from ordering the alleged conspirators to reimburse the NaFFAA of the millions in dollars that they have looted.


5.2           We intend to use any award given to us, as Whistleblowers, to help Filipino-American and Filipino causes and concerns, especially public-benefit corporations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).


We look forward to the bringing to court by your esteemed office and/or the Department of Justice the alleged crooks in our community and seeking justice for our national federation, in particular, and the American public, in general.


Very respectfully yours,





Bobby M. Reyes and Associates

(626) 825-0628




Attachment No. 1:  An article published in the on Nov. 18, 2010, which describes partially the modus operandi of the NaFFAA controlling Esclamado-Lewis-Macabenta (ELM) Clique in looting the coffers of the federation, a public-benefit corporation:





Now the Crusade to Get Back the NaFFAA Moves on to the Eastern Front


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Sections - NaFFAAgate

Written by Bobby Reyes   

Thursday, 18 November 2010 11:52


New Jersey’s Office of the Attorney General Looks at the SMARTgate of the NaFFAAgate Scandals


The final offensive to get back the National Federation of Filipino-American Associations (NaFFAA) for the Filipino-American community and prosecute the alleged crooks in the federation is proceeding smoothly. An Eastern Front of the crusade for reforms in, and the ATIC for, the NaFFAA has been opened . . .


ATIC, as this writer coined in 2000, stands for “Accountability, Transparency, Integrity and Credibility.


Here’s a copy of today's e-mail to the Office of the Attorney General of New Jersey.


Hala bira, hala bira,




Bobby M. Reyes

Investigative Reporter

and Editor,

3411 Paula St., West Covina, CA 91792


Tel.: (626) 825-0628


November 18, 2010



Ms. Catherine McLaughlin

Supervising Investigator

Office of the Attorney General of New Jersey

Division of Consumer Affairs

Charities Registration and Investigation Section

Tel: 973-504-6568



Dear Ms. McLaughlin:


Greetings from the City of Los Angeles, California. The undersigned has been looking at alleged financial scams in a Filipino-American public-benefit corporation in his role as an investigative reporter.


1.0           This correspondence is in reference to an alleged financial scam that has apparently been reported to you by some Filipino-American community leaders and which scam has been allegedly committed by the Region I chapter of the National Federation of Filipino-American Associations (NaFFAA), a 501 (C)3 entity.


1.1           The NaFFAA’s Region I covers New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and the New England states.


2.0           Our website has been conducting an investigation of the apparent criminal conduct of the controlling clique of the NaFFAA and several of its regional chapters.


2.1           We are now finalizing our report/complaint to the Internal Revenue Service for tax evasion and other violations and to the Department of Justice for violation of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act.


2.2           A sketch of our report to the IRS is contained in our Nov. 15, 2010, e-mail to Mr. Tito A. Cortez, the prime mover of the Citizens Rebelling Against Bogus Spending (CRABS) of San Jose, California, which is joining our website in reporting the alleged violations of federal and state laws by the NaFFAA’s controlling clique and several of its regional chapter officers to the proper law-enforcement authorities. The said e-mail to Mr. Cortez appears at the end of this instant correspondence and is self-explanatory.


2.3           Our website has devoted a section to what we dub the NaFFAAgate Scandals, which can be accessed at this URL:


3.0           RE: SMARTgate Part of the NaFFAAgate.


3.1           The Smart Communications is the Philippines' leading wireless-services provider. You can read more of its operations in its website, the The company has ample advertising and promotional budget that it advertised in several boxing championship bouts of Filipino megastar Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas, Nevada.


3.2           On Sept. 13, 2009, our columnist, Romeo P. Marquez, who is also an investigative reporter, wrote about the deal of the Smart Communications with the NaFFAA’s Region I. Here is the link to Mr. Marquez’s report: NaFFAA's $50K Deal with Philippine Firm Raises Questions About Money Laundering




3.3           In spite of our demands and the requests of several members of the NaFFAA – within and outside of its Region I chapter – the NaFFAA’s ruling clique has not issued any financial report on the corporate sponsorship fund of at least $75,000 that the Smart Communications gave the federation, though the Region I officers, namely Atty. J. T. Mallonga (a practicing lawyer in New York and supposedly also in New Jersey), Nena Kaufman and Nimfa Tinana.


3.4           We will submit to the IRS and/or the Department of Justice the names of Attorney Mallonga, Ms. Kaufman and Ms. Tinana as “persons of interest” and/or as state witnesses or participants in a conspiracy to defraud the federation and the taxpayers.


4.0           We wish, therefore, to request most-respectfully your esteemed office to wait for a copy of our formal complaint addressed to the IRS and the Department of Justice – before you conduct a formal investigation of the SMARTgate.


4.1           On the other hand, since the esteemed Office of the Attorney General of New Jersey is the first legal entity to express interest in investigating the NaFFAA, perhaps you can take the lead in doing official investigations of the said federation in coordination with the IRS, the Department of Justice and the Attorneys General of California and Nevada.


4.2           The controlling clique of the NaFFAA also conducted fundraising drives in New Jersey and other states for the then-Philippine presidential candidate and eventual winner, Benigno S. Aquino, III.


4.2.1   The NaFFAA national and regional officers – supposedly acting in their personal capacities – have refused to render complete accounting of the funds raised and did not bother to issue even temporary receipts of Filipino-American donations for, and/or the political contributions to, the said Philippine presidential candidate.


4.2.2   You can read more of this latest scandal in this article, Loida Lewis Refuses to Account for Fil-Am Donations to Noynoy Campaign Kitty and Calls Bobby Reyes a “Fool”




5.0           The national executive officers of the NaFFAA are some of the high-profile Filipino-American personalities in the country. Among them are:


5.1           Loida Nicolas-Lewis, a New York-based attorney and chairman-CEO of the TLC Beatrice International Holdings, Inc., of New York and reputedly the second-richest American of Filipino ancestry. She is the chairman emeritus of both the NaFFAA and the NaFFAA Region I chapter.


5.2           Lourdes Corrales, a Jersey City, NJ-based mortgage banker and former Deputy Mayor of Jersey City. She was the national treasurer of the NaFFAA when the SMARTgate Scandal happened. She was also a principal participant in the now-dubbed Menorgate Scandal in San Jose, California, which is one of the alleged biggest scams in the NaFFAAgate.


5.3           The NaFFAA’s national vice chair, Ms. Rozita Lee, who has recently been named a member of President Obama’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific-Islanders, as per this report written also by Mr. Marquez: Protest Sent to The White House Over the Appointment of NaFFAA’s Rozita Lee to the President's Advisory Commission




We thank you for your interest in uncovering the alleged violations of state and federal laws by the controlling clique of the NaFFAA and some of its regional officers. We look forward also to working with you and the esteemed Office of the Attorney General of the Great State of New Jersey.


Very respectfully yours,



Bobby M. Reyes

Investigative Report

and Editor,




Mr. Tito A. Cortez

Prime Mover

Citizens Rebelling Against Bogus Spending (CRABS)

San Jose, California


BCC: NaFFAA E-mail lists

           Filipino-American Media


Dear Tito:


1.0    Further our telephone conversation this morning, I wish to re-confirm that I will be mailing the completed IRS Form 3949A (Information Referral) to IRS Office in Fresno, CA 93888 any time now.


        1.1    I will send also an accompanying letter, which will further describe the violations by the ruling clique in the NaFFAA.


        1.2    I will mention also in the letter that you and the CRABS will be supporting fully the complaint and that you are willing to turn over to the IRS and the Department of Justice voluminous amount of information about the Menorgate portion of the NaFFAAgate financial scams. You and I are willing to go to Fresno, CA, to bring the documents in order to facilitate the prosecution of the individuals named in the information.


        1.3    I will also mention that you and I are willing to assist the IRS and the Department of Justice and guide the prosecutors in evaluating the documents in our possession and which will be turned over to them.


        1.4    I will also mention that a Filipino-American community leader, Regalado "Al" Alicante, who is a retired IRS supervisor, is willing to perform -- with the assistance of several Filipino-American CPAs -- forensic audit of all the documents and tax papers that the IRS and the Department of Justice will be able to seize from the respondents. The services of Mr. Alicante and the Filipino-American CPAs will be rendered gratis et amore and/or will share in the reward given to the whistle blowers. Mr. Alicante was the IRS supervisor in charge of all non-profit corporations in Los Angeles County when he was working with the Department of the Treasury.


        1.5    You and I will decide which Filipino-American associations will get the substantial portions of the reward that the IRS and the Department of Justice will give to us, the whistle blowers – after deducting of course the costs of aiding the prosecution.


2.0    As one of the two primary whistle blowers, I am accusing the following NaFFAA clique members of:


( ) False Exemption

( ) False Deductions

( ) Organized Crime

( ) Kickback

( ) False/Altered Documents

( ) Failure to Pay Tax

( ) Unreported Income

( ) Public/Political Corruption

( ) Failure to File Return

( ) Failure to Withhold Tax

( ) Other (Violation of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act.


        2.1    I will ask you, Tito A. Cortez, to sign with me an amended Information Referral that we will submit to the IRS and the Department of Justice – as soon as I receive a go-signal from the IRS and/or the Department of Justice.


3.0    I am naming the following individuals as members of the corrupt controlling clique in the NaFFAA:


Alex Esclamado

Lourdes Esclamado

Loida Nicolas-Lewis

Gregorio Macabenta

Alma Q. Kern

Rozita Lee

Rodel Rodis

Ben Benedicto Menor

Lourdes Corrales

Lourdes Ongkeko

Jon Melegrito

Armando Heredia

Aurora Cudal

Lorna Dietz

Does 1-100


        3.1    We will request the IRS and the Department of Justice that in coordination with the Attorneys General of several states, that the NaFFAA be placed in receivership and that the assets of its national executive officers (NEO-respondents, as named in Par. 3.0) be garnished, so as to protect the interest of the public and the NaFFAA members.


4.0    I will mail to you by overnight mail copies of the documents sent to the IRS, including the proof of mailing – so that you can distribute them to the NaFFAA members who will be meeting supposedly for their long-delayed national convention in San Jose and/or San Francisco, CA, this weekend.


5.0    I will also post in the a reproduction of the complaint to the IRS.


        5.1    The reason for telegraphing our punches (by informing the public, especially the NaFFAA members and the NEO-respondents), is for the respondents to be given the opportunity to come to court with clean hands by turning as state witnesses and/or amending their tax returns. Of course the amended tax returns will bolster further our complaint. We do not want really Filipino-American community leaders to go to jail but they have to repent and do restitution of the moneys they stole from the NaFFAA -- aside from paying the taxes due, the corresponding interest and penalties. At least, paying back taxes and fines is better than going to jail and being made to pay also the said taxes plus stiffer penalties.


I guess this e-mail will be the subject of modest discussions about the impact on the federation of our allegations -- as submitted to the IRS and the Department of Justice -- during the supposed NaFFAA national convention in Northern California this weekend.


God bless you, the members of the CRABS, the honest members of the NaFFAA and our Filipino-American communities,




Bobby M. Reyes

Investigative Reporter

and Editor,


Newer news items:

·                                 12/10/2010 15:31 - Another “Dietzcovery:” Ms. Lorna Wants the NaFFAA New National Chair to Approve the Federation’s Version of a “DREAM Act”

·                                 11/28/2010 11:58 - The NaFFAA Corrupt Controlling Clique Adopts the “Iwas Pusoy” Strategy (And Reyes Reveals His “Deep Throat”)

·                                 11/25/2010 12:24 - Why the “NaFFAA Is Operating on Empty and in Survival Mode,” to Quote the Words of Outgoing National Chair Gregorio Macabenta

·                                 11/24/2010 15:06 - New NaFFAA National Chair Presses for Benefits of Veterans’ Widows

·                                 11/19/2010 11:17 - NJ Attorney General to Look at Alleged Financial Scams in the NaFFAA

Older news items:

·                                 11/15/2010 15:36 - CA AG’s Investigation of Dodger Dream Foundation Bolsters Case Against NaFFAA’s Exorbitant Consultants’ Fees

·                                 09/23/2010 09:50 - President Noynoy Aquino Visits the City Where One of the Biggest Fil-Am Scams Happened in August 2002

·                                 09/20/2010 14:09 - A September to Remember: Pay-back Time for the NaFFAA Crooks

·                                 09/19/2010 12:54 - Two Fil-Am Community Leaders Appointed by President Obama to Asian-Advisory Commission




Attachment No. 2 – E-mails to/from Ernie Gange, a NaFFAA co-founder and former State Chairman of the NaFFAA chapter in Pennsylvania to Willie Dechavez, current NaFFAA State Chairman for Michigan (that prove that “Bobby Reyes was right all along” in his exposé about the corruption in the NaFFAA):



-----Original Message-----
Sat, Apr 2, 2011 8:09 pm

Subject: Re: [2011_NaFFAA_
NST] Fwd: NANAY Opens House

I will ask Manay Loida about this.

And thanks for sharing what you all knew.

I can not believe also that our latest National Convention Financial Statement is not yet available until now?

Ben Menor chaired that very controversial 2002 National Convention and was again appointed to chair the last 2010 National Convention?

So in 2012 National Convention in Detroit will mean $000,000 balance also?

So Bobby Reyes was right all along?

I will keep in touch.




-----Original Message-----
Sat, Apr 2, 2011 7:29 pm
Subject: Re: [2011_NaFFAA_
NST] Fwd: NANAY Opens House

Dear Willie,


I want you to know that I did what I did without any malice towards anyone.  Like you, I feel terrible, and yet, I was helpless, because, the people who perpetrated this crime are ver(y) powerful.  Although I brought it to the attention of the leaders in 2009, yet, I was accused to trying to malign the Gods of NaFFAA.  Yor are the first person to express your outrage, and, I need you to tell those in the organization, that, the time has come for us to face the reality of the corruption regardless who gets hurt.


I have a personal favor to ask you, if you won't mind.

I suggest if you can forward your reply to Inday Loida.  I never mentioned anything to her, because, I know that she is close to the people behind the racket, but, I am not sure if she really knew what we have uncovered.  I do not know what would be her reaction, but, I also know that Loida is fair.


Loida has invested too much money for NaFFAA by donating money from her Reginal Lewis Foundation, from her  corporation and her personal account.  She had subsidized the salaries of the NaFFAA Staff  (Doy and Les Talusan) to the very end.

I had been very careful not to hurt her, but, I also know that Loida loves you, and, will also care for the truth.


I had been discouraged by my colleagues in Region 1, and, they even went to the extent of disowning me, and, told me to move to Region 3.  If at all possible, you might ask Loida about getting to the bottom of the corruption by conducting a forensic audit, because, many of the expenses of Menor do not have supporting documents and, consulting fees etc. was not covered by a Resolution of the Board of Directors.

I know she will consider it, aside from the fact that we are USP4GG MEMBERS.


I will post on Monday the Financial Report of Menor for the 2002 Conference, and, as I mentioned earlier, I call it VooooDoo accounting, because, the total income  minus the total expenses is the same, and the balance is ZERO. It is fantastic. I want to talk to you, AND COMPARE NOTES WITH YOU,  if you can email to me your phone number, and, here is my phone number:  267.229.4267.


See you in Las Vegas.








-----Original Message-----
Sent: Sat, Apr 2, 2011 8:35 am
Subject: Re: [2011_NaFFAA_NST] Fwd: NANAY Opens House


I cannot believe after reading this e-mail. Can someone explain what happened to all these?

Calling on National NaFFAA leaders. Are we going to do something about this?

I can no longer request people for membership in our organization, just thinking about

this latest revelations. I have been active  in NaFFAA
 since 2001 but this is the first time I read this about NaFFAA from a very reliable source.

I  can recall now what happened in our meeting two weeks ago here in Michigan. Ed was pleading for NaFFAA

membership and someone yelled, " What are you going to do with th membership fees? NaFFAA has a lot of money.

What happened to all the money?".

 I can connect now that yelling  incident and the content of Ernie's e-mail.

OMG, can't really believe this




-----Original Message-----
Sent: Sat, Apr 2, 2011 4:03 am
Subject: Re: [2011_NaFFAA_NST] Fwd: NANAY Opens House


2 May 2011


Dear Joy and Ed,


Reading Joy's press release, "NANAY OPENS HOUSE,"  in North Miami, Florida, reminded me of NaFFAA's plan to establish it's own "NaFFAA HOUSE IN WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA."


Did you know that one of  NaFFAA's mission  is to establish a permanent location in Washington, District of Columbia?  According to our founding Chairman, Alex Esclamado, "NaFFAA cannot claim  our "PERMANENT PRESENCE  IN WDC" without it's own building, and, it attempted to acquire the vacant Philippine Chancery in Massachussetts Avenue and Bataan Street in WASHINGTON, DC.


Sometime in 1998, Alex Esclamado called me in Pennsylvania, and told me to proceed to Washington, D.C. right away, because, I have to witness the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement, (MOA)  between NaFFAA, represented by Chairman Alex Esclamado and the Philippines, represented by former President Fidel V. Ramos.


The agreement stipulated that NaFFAA will undertake the renovation of Chancerry  which had been vacant for more than ten years, and, that, when the renovation is completed, NaFFAA will  utilize the second floor to house the NaFFAA National Headquarters and Community Center. 


President Fidel Ramos told us in his speech, that, the project between the NaFFAA and the Government of the Philippines, will signify a closer relations between our two countries, and, it will define the role of Filipino Americans in the RP/US relations.


Alex submitted to President Ramos the renovation plan and drawings which was prepared by the Association of Filipino American Engineers in the Metropolitan Washington, DC area led by Engineer Sese.  The premises was formerly  used as the Embassy of the Philippines, and, exempted from paying  real estate taxes.


Four years after the signing of the Memorandum Agreement, corporate as well as private individual donations had be coming. 


 NaFFAA received $300,000 from Wells Fargo Bank; $100,000 from Bank of America;  $90,000 from the Ford Foundation; $25,000 from the Reginald F. Lewis Foundation; $10,000 from TLC - LC,Inc; $10,000.00 from Alston & Bird, LLP; $5,000 from Edison International and $2,600 from Various Individuals, or a total  $537,600.00.


SHOW ME THE MONEY !  Report of:

A. F. PAREDES & COMPANY, Certified Public Accountants

250 Stelton Road, Suite 8Piscataway, NJ 08854

Tel. (732)752-9530:  (732) 752-7954


A.F. Paredes Audited the Financial Statement of NaFFAA in  October 23, 2003, for the years ended, December 31, 2002 and 2001. 

When I asked NaFFAA National Treasurer LOURDES CORRALES for a copy of the NaFFAA Financial Report, she told me NO.



LUDY CORRALES, explained that, due to the CASE FILED AGAINST BEN MENOR, during the 2002 NaFFAA National Conference in San Jose, (NO FINANCIAL REPORT IS GOING TO BE PUBLISHED.)


The non publication of the Annual Financial Report of NaFFAA starting 2002 to 2009 hurt the ability of NaFFAA to raise the money to fund the projects, including the BUILDING FUND.


It was Dr. Joy Bruce who provided me the copy of THE FINANCIAL REPORTS FOR YEARS ENDING DECEMBER 2001 AND 2002. It was kept away the members and the members of the Board of Directors.  


The MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS have the Fiduciary responsibility in the Corporation, and the BOD alone can initiate the investigation to find out where the money for the Building Fund was deposited.


I have forwarded the copy of the Auditors Report for the periods ending December 2001 and December 2003, to the National Chairman of tthe Board, Eduardo Navarra,



The members of the BOD will also find a FANTASTIC report of BEN MENOR for the NaFFAA Conference held on August 2002,





Dr. Joy Bruce and Engr. Ed Navarra,  I was told by my in-house CPA, that,

it is the responsibilty to tjhe members of the BOD to FIND THE MOENY.


I apologize for to you Joy, but, we need each other to find the money for our NaFFAA Building Fund.


Sincerely yours,


Ernie Gange # # #


Newer news items:
Older news items:

Last Updated on Friday, 13 May 2011 15:51
Comments (4)
1 Friday, 13 May 2011 12:26
Bobby, hindi ko alam kung ano ang kalagayan ni Alex Kho, and how he feels about Filipinos trying to put down each other publicly in America. Kung talagang hindi maiiwasan. Balita ko from Anita na he is not feeling well. He is in Filam-Forum, in Gugma and in WFA and PPP. But he does not post.

Itong balita mo, well it is out in Facebook. Seguro, dito na lang muna ito. Not in WFA, please. We don't want to spend our time trying to mediate among you folks. Okay lang iyon kung kayo kayo lang.

I met Greg in Walmart once, I was reminding him of giving an amount to the UP at Tacloban for a Professorial Chair in the name of his father. We did not even stop to talk to each other. He just said: "Waray kwarta!" Kapwa ko taga UP who were depending on Filipinas Magazine, don't know where they are now. At least si Raymond Virata classmate ng anak ko sa UPIS, is in PIA and GMA News.

Thank you.

Cesar Torres
San Francisco, California
(Sent by e-mail to the Editor at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )
2 Friday, 13 May 2011 12:31
Dear Professor Torres:

Salamatonon, as we say in Sorsogon, for your immediate feedback.

I am not putting the NaFFAA crooks down. I am reporting them to the IRS and/or the Department of Justice for tax-evasion and violation of the RICO Act. Justice should be done.

I am doing it to protect the good men and women of the NaFFAA and our Fil-Am community, otherwise Americans will think that all Filipinos are crooks. At least, we Whistleblowers, are Filipinos, too. This means that some, if not many, Filipinos are against corruption and are willing to report to the authorities the alleged crooks.


Lolo Bobby M. Reyes
LOLO Bobby,

There's only one word to describe you and your persistence in going after the "ELM Criminal Clique" and crooks of NaFFAA: "awesome." Saludo ako sa 'yo. More power to you, LOLO, and God bless.

Jesse Jose
Seattle, WA

(Sent via e-mail to the Editor)
Robert F. Posadas and Romy Marquez community reporting on related COPAO Aurora Cudal video webcast in San Diego of the missing $ 26,000 in COPAO's coffers.

Also watch Loida Nicolas Lewis exclusive interview with the SMARTMATIC issue and the proposal for $ 100 PNOY Bond offers.

Share this link

page also contains iframe of Bobby Reyes Blog.

Ralph Posadas
Manila, Philippines

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Quote of the Day

"Every time a baseball player grabs his crotch, it makes him spit. That's why you should never date a baseball player."--Marsha Warfield