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Jun 27th
Home Sections Obituary-Memorial Park Remembering Raul Roco Today, August 5th (1941-2005)
Remembering Raul Roco Today, August 5th (1941-2005) PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Obituary-Memorial Park
Tuesday, 05 August 2008 11:46

Today marks the 10th death anniversary of Raul Sagarbarria Roco, who along with Aquilino Q. Pimentel, Jr., probably are the “best Presidents” the Philippines never had. May the Filipino people continue to remember Mr. Roco and pray for the eternal repose of his soul. (as revised on Aug. 5, 2015). This publication is probably one of the few online sites that always remembers Mr. Roco every first week of August.

This writer wrote several first-person articles about Raul S. Roco, whom I called a fellow “BAB”  (Bicolano, Atenean and Bedan). And another BAB, my former classmate Atty. Victor Martires, swears that "there are not too many 'BABs' (left) in the world."

Yes, I knew Raul Roco and he was my friend. Although he could have been the Filipino version of John F. Kennedy, fate was not kind to him in the end. Yes, we continue to miss Mr. Roco. His life reminds us of a question that we continue to ask: “How come a people that produced men like Jose Rizal (and Andres Bonifacio, Isabelo de los Reyes, Ramon Magsaysay, Ninoy Aquino, Raul Roco and other remarkable Filipinos) continue to wallow in poverty, ignorance, corruption and suffer all the imaginable evils that many of their national leaders do unto them?

These are some of the articles and photos that we have published in this website about Mr. Roco:

 Revisiting Raul Roco and Nene Pimentel: How They Lost the 2004 Pres Election in 2000 and 2002

 Revisiting Raul Roco and Nene Pimentel (Part II)

Rocowith Bico L A

001 Roco Essay M V C 015 F

001 Roco Essay M V C 011 F

001 Roco Essay M V C 007 F

Mr. Roco was mentioned also in these articles:

Examining the "Masa" Voters of the Philippines

Is There Hope for the "Country of Contradictions?"

The Filipino and the Clash of Civilizations, Part I

Remember the Neal-Cruz Formula for Dividing the Philippines Into Separate Republics?

OFWs Are Fine-tuning the Master Plan to “Reinvent” the Philippines

Josephine Bracken, Jose Rizal's Widow, Actually Became a Cebuana

OFWs to Launch "PR 2010" at the US-Philippines Expo

May Raul Roco rest in eternal peace . . .

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 04 August 2015 23:44
Comments (1)
1 Tuesday, 07 August 2012 20:44
I chanced upon your article, Bobby, while looking for Bicolano folk songs to study. I was happy to know that there are others like you, who still remember Raul, the Bicolano, the Atenean, the Bedan, the Concon delegate, the congressman, the Senator, the Sec. of Education, the twice defeated candidate for President of our country, the Filipino who loved and served so intensely, he had to be called home so soon. Yes, seven years in heaven, in happiness, in peace. I never fail to pray to him for guidance, strength and protection. Hope you do, too. Warmest regards, Sonia

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