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Jun 28th
Home Sections Obituary-Memorial Park Rev. Fr. Carlos Abesamis, SJ -- R.I.P.
Rev. Fr. Carlos Abesamis, SJ -- R.I.P. PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Obituary-Memorial Park
Monday, 04 February 2008 17:45

The Rev. Fr. Carlos Abesamis, SJ, died of cancer on Jan. 31, 2008, at 4:55 p.m. Parangal rites were held on Feb. 1st and 2nd at Loyola and San Jose seminaries, Ateneo campus.

Thank you, dear God, for Abe. He made us look at Jesus three times; made us fall deeply in love with Him; helped us be more committed to the people's national democratic struggle for justice and peace and greater abundance of life.

But before the First Look, he, as Josue Mas (Jesus-Mao) gave us a small booklet, "When Did We See You?", a parallel display of the ethics of Jesus and the ethics of Mao, that stressed the importance of ethics in command of revolutionary politics. The Gospels and the Red Book, we remember, changed the lives of many Christian national democrats and their friends. Abe showed us the necessary connections.

His brand of ecumenism, was most admirable. He facilitated many seminars for clergy and laity -- Roman Catholics, Anglican/Episcopalian Catholics, IFI Catholics, Protestants of the major denominations. He celebrated Mass for workers and urban poor. He was a very close friend of the National Democratic Front and the Christians for National Liberation, even as he begged off from membership.

Yesterday I deleted Abe's address from my computer. (He sent great FWDs.). I wonder what his new address is. Perhaps: <abe@newheavennewearth.God>, or

There's got to be a heaven, if only for Abe.

Abe, pray for us! The people bless you. I bless you.


May Yahweh bless you and keep you!

May Yahweh let  his face shine on you, and be gracious to you!

May Yahweh look kindly on you, and give you his peace!  (Num. 6:24-26)

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Last Updated on Monday, 04 February 2008 17:52

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