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Sep 29th
Home Columns Op-Ed Page What Is President Obama Really Trying to Do to this Country?
What Is President Obama Really Trying to Do to this Country? PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - Op-Ed Page
Written by Gerry Garrison   
Thursday, 20 October 2011 10:36


In This Corner

By Gerry Garrison

I sit here, night after night, trying to figure out the POTUS.  I am still unsure what message he is trying to tell the voters of this country. The “Jobs Bill” that he is promoting around the country has no support from the majority of the members of Congress. 

Meanwhile, all Republicans, and a few Democrats (who want to be re-elected) in the Senate indicated they would not vote for this bill. Guess what Mr. President? It didn’t pass the smell test of Congress.

So what does the President do? He goes around blaming the Congress for not supporting his bill, knowing full well that Democrats in his own party wouldn’t support it either. It is pretty clear to me this is not about jobs, it is about how he is going to be re-elected.

Seriously? Does he or any of his staff still believe the majority of the American people support what he is dishing out? Has he looked at his approval numbers lately? The more he talks about this stimulus bill, which it truly is, the farther he falls in the polls.

Not since May of 2011 has President Obama’s approval rating been 50% or better. On a steady decline since then, polls indicate a steady decline since he has been out on the road.

July 1st, it was 47% approve, 46% disapprove; August 1st, 42% approve, 49% disapprove; September 1st, 42% approve, 50% disapprove.  The latest poll as of 17 October shows Mr. Obama approval rating of 38% versus 54% that did not approve his actions.

 It is time for the President to get a reality check. With unemployment still above 9%, with no indication of it coming down anytime soon, the debt in excess of $14-trillion and excessive regulation on the incline, there is no way this country is getting out of debt anytime soon.

The excessive spending has got to stop. Otherwise, things are going to get a lot worse for these United States. We cannot continue to spend and try to raise taxes. This policy has a negative effect on small businesses, which are going to continue to fail or not even start as long as Mr. Obama is President.

Small business employs the majority of the working force in this country.  Without small businesses starting up or others failing, the job rate stay above 9%, even get worse than it is now.

Now Mr. Obama wants to break up his Jobs Bill into little bits and pieces, hoping that numerous bills will get passed and he will get what he wants. Once again, this belief those members of Congress and the American people are so naive that he will get away with this foolishness. Enough is enough!

These are the facts, and they are undisputable. Since Mr. Obama has been President, data show hikes in poverty, foreclosures, joblessness and debt.


Data from the Office of Management and Budget and Congressional Budget Office, reveal this country has added more than $4-trillion in public debt, and the federal government has spent $6.6-million a minute during the same period.


Worse still, nearly 3-million more Americans are in poverty compared with when Mr. Obama took office. On top of the worse jobless rate in decades, President Obama continues down the road of tax and spend. Either he has blinders on or he doesn’t care.


Which is it, Mr. President? I keep hoping he will change, but it appears his change is that which is not good for this country. Time to wake up and smell what you been dealing, because it ain’t smellin’ very good. Right now, it really stinks.


But, what do I know?  Just sayin’ … # # #

Life is short. Forgive quickly. Kiss slowly. Love truly.

Laugh uncontrollably, and never regret anything that made you smile.


Last Updated on Thursday, 20 October 2011 10:50

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