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Aug 09th
Home Sections Philippine Immortality Project Batting for "Filipino Immortality" at Dodgers Stadium
Batting for "Filipino Immortality" at Dodgers Stadium PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Philippine Immortality Project
Tuesday, 26 June 2007 05:56

T his Sunday, July 1, 2007, is the Second Filipino-American Community Day at the Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles. Prior to the 1:10 p.m. game between the Dodgers and the visiting San Diego Padres, Filipino Consul General Mary Jo Bernardo Aragon will throw the ceremonial first pitch. She will make history, as she is the first Filipino woman diplomat to do it perhaps not only in Dodgers Stadium but also in the annals of Major League Baseball. She is also the first-ever Filipino woman consul general in the Great City of Los Angeles.

There will also be another historic event that will occur this Sunday. An agent of the New York Life Insurance Company will become the first-ever corporate sponsor of the Fil-Am Community Event at the Dodgers. She will launch together with the event’s Organizing Committee what we call a movement to secure "immortality" – or the semblance of it – for participating Filipinos.

The New York Life agent is Elizabeth Cariaga Watermeier, a Filipino who used to live in Guam. She and her husband, Tom, who is also a NY Life agent, and their immediate supervisor, Ms. Lisha Wang, a NY Life partner, met with this writer yesterday. After discussing the topic for several weeks now, we agreed to the mechanics for obtaining "immortality" for some Filipino Americans. Actually the best way for a person to be remembered forever is to purchase a "charitable-gifting insurance" (CGI) policy from New York Life.

This is how our tie-up with the New York Life will work. Our coalition of Filipino-American associations will help the team of the Watermeiers and Company present the idea to our community. The proposal is for those in good health to buy – with the help of the coalition – CGI policies and the insured selects a permanent beneficiary. Since life insurance is actually for the living, the proceeds – once the insured leaves this world – may go to a designated institution like the alma mater of the deceased (to fund scholarships or a student loan fund). Or to a Spanish-built church at his/her hometown to help retrofit and/or restore it. Or the insurance proceeds can build and maintain a baseball field, buy equipment for the aspiring Filipino baseball players, so as to help revive baseball in the Philippines. And a baseball diamond is not only a field of dreams but it could also serve as a park for the town or barrio, so as to improve the quality of life of the people. The coalition will even raise funds to make sure that the annual premiums are up-to-date, so as not to have the policy lapse.

Eventually with the help of Ms. Wang, the CGI project can be pushed by other New York Life offices and agents throughout the country. Our deal is for a minimum of five years and it calls for the continued sponsorship of our community events at the Dodgers and eventually at some other baseball stadiums in the country.

We will present further the CGI concept during the US-Philippines Expo at the Pomona County Fairgrounds on Aug. 4-5, 2007, as the expo organizers, Ruben and Ester Panopio and their children, are also helping the Fil-Am Community Event at the Dodgers Stadium. This online publication is one of the media sponsors of the Filipino Baseball Renaissance and it will support all out the CGI idea.

Perhaps a decade or even a generation from now, some Filipino professionals or even Filipino players in Major League Baseball will remember July 1, 2007, as the day when the drive to obtain additional history for our people started at the Dodgers Stadium. And immortality for some Filipino-American leaders who chose to join the CGI venture with the New York Life. Yes, they will remember if they became professionals because of the proceeds from a CGI policy. In which case, for as long as the scholarship or loan-fund continues to exist or worshipers continue to go to the restored church or children continue to play at a field of dreams built by the insurance proceeds, the memory of the donor lives on. And that is a semblance of Filipino immortality.

By the way, readers who are in Los Angeles who want to watch the baseball game on Sunday may still avail of some Dodger tickets, compliments of the Watermeiers, the New York Life, the US-Philippines Expo and the Please e-mail this writer at for the details. We can leave the tickets at the "Will Call" window located near the entrance to the Executive Offices at the Dodgers Stadium. # # #


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