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Jun 09th
Home Sections Philippine Presidency Why Gloria Arroyo Is Afraid to Face Overseas-Filipino Journalists in a Press Conference
Why Gloria Arroyo Is Afraid to Face Overseas-Filipino Journalists in a Press Conference PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Philippine Presidency
Written by Bobby M. Reyes   
Tuesday, 23 June 2009 08:06

F or the nth time in her reign as the de-facto Philippine head of state, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo again refused to conduct a press conference during her stop-over at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel at the Los Angeles International Airport last Saturday, June 20, 2009. She has never agreed to meet with Overseas-Filipino journalists face-to-face in a question-and-answer meeting. Why? Because the foreign-based Filipino journalists will ask her questions like “Why does she allow her husband to become the ‘Incredible Bulk’ character of the country and corner the bulk of government contracts, syndication of loans, etceteras, etc.?”


Southern California-based writers like Romeo P. Marquez or Ernie Delfin or Pasckie Pascua would have loved to ask Mrs. Arroyo questions about her administration, especially on the issues of accountability and transparency.


This is not the first time that this writer has questioned the refusal of Mrs. Arroyo to do a press conference. In November 2008, this writer penned this article and organized a boycott of Mrs. Arroyo’s meeting with Filipino-American community leaders -- unless she would do a press conference:

An Open Letter to Consul General Aragon Over President Arroyo's Failure to Hold Press Conferences  


H ad Mrs. Arroyo agreed to do a press conference in November 2008 also at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel at the LAX, this writer would have presented her with the details of the scandal at the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) that her husband engineered and which transaction netted him at least 76-million U.S. dollars. You can read about it in this article,

The Arroyo Administration’s “Incredible Bulk”  


Since the “Incredible Bulk” article was published in this website on July 28, 2008, and her office was advised through diplomatic channels of its publication, she would have had ample time to prepare documents that would have controverted the accusations against her husband. But she chose not to meet with the Filipino-American press and diverted the Filipino equivalent of Air-Force One to Japan, as supposedly the First Gentleman had a medical emergency.


One of our readers, Angel Dayan, a Filipino-American CPA and community leader, said, “Mrs. Arroyo can run but she cannot hide.” Yes, she cannot hide the scandals and financial scams that her husband, kin, some of her Cabinet members and Rasputins have been doing and continue to do. Eventually, she and her rascals, if not the scoundrels and scalawags of her de-facto government, will be brought to justice – if not in the Philippines, then in the United States for stealing American military and economic aid, among other culpable acts. # # #


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Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 June 2009 17:48

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