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May 30th
Home Sections Politics Americans Must Support the People's Struggle in the Middle East
Americans Must Support the People's Struggle in the Middle East PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Jollene Levid   
Friday, 04 February 2011 15:00
In the wake of the continuing volatile popular unrest in the Middle East, AF3IRM demands that the United States cease and desist, once and for all, its continuing intervention in the countries of the Middle East.  Let the region evolve, develop and grow according to the needs, aspirations and vision of the people of the Middle East!
For far too long has the region been hostage to an archaic US foreign policy based on “containment of inimical forces,” “preserving energy resources,” and turning the region into a market for US big business.  This has been largely sold to the people of the US as “protecting Israel.” 
Enough, the people of Tunisia, Yemen, Morocco, Jordan, Algeria and Egypt are saying.  No more will the people be held hostage to US foreign policy.   
The US has supported both religious and secular autocrats in the region, tolerated suppression of the people’s democratic rights, enabled multinational corporations to rip off the people’s resources and mired them in desperate poverty.  
Forty per cent (40%) of Egypt’s population live below poverty levels, with the country’s debt equal to 80% of its GDP.  A third of the population of Yemen endures chronic hunger; Jordan’s unemployment rate is 14%, with one in four women jobless.  Half of Morocco’s population lives in poverty.
The situation has worsened steadily since the full-scale implementation of imperialist globalization. 
For us in the US, this has meant a steady transfer of public wealth, channeled through these countries, into the private coffers of oil and weapons manufacturers, and of absolute luxury for the autocrats.  And here we are, in the US, talking about firing teachers, closing schools,  reneging on health care and social security, and cannot even generate enough jobs because of outsourcing!
The leadership and central participation of the women enhanced the millions who flooded the streets of Egypt to ensure their demands are met. With the people of Egypt and the rest of the Middle East, we say enough is enough! Liberate US foreign policy in the Middle East from the control of Corporate America.  Let express our desire for genuine democracy, peace and justice for the people of Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Morocco, Algeria, Jordan and especially Palestine, as well as for the rest of the region!
March in support of people’s and women’s struggle for liberation the world over!  -- ###
Jollene Levid
AF3IRM National Chairperson
Phone: (323) 356-4748
Association of Filipinas, Feminists Fighting Imperialism, Re-feudalization, and Marginalization (AF3IRM)

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