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Dec 05th
Home Sections Politics Commemorate the Katipunan's 115th Anniversary to Continue the Unfinished 1896 Revolution
Commemorate the Katipunan's 115th Anniversary to Continue the Unfinished 1896 Revolution PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 09 July 2007 05:57

Los Angeles-- On July 7, 1892, three dedicated patriots, Andres Bonifacio, Teodoro Plata and Ladislao Diwa, founded the Katipunan, a secret society of Filipino nationalists in a house in Azcaraga Street in Manila. The Katipunan was organized after the Spanish authorities clamped down on the La Liga Filipina, founded by Jose Rizal and that only lasted for several days until it was outlawed in July 2, 1892.

By August 23, 1896, when the Spanish authorities discovered the organization, it has organized an undeground network of more than 30, 000 members all over the nation. The Katipunan was ready to launch an armed revolution against Spain.

Today, we are not farther from the same unjust and repressive conditions under Spain. The US-Arroyo regime on July 15, 2007, will implement a new martial-rule system under a law named Human Security Act or the Anti-Terror Law. The Filipino people abhor the new law.

As we commemorate the 115th anniversary of the founding of Katipunan nearly forgotten by the Arroyo regime and by many people, we maintain the legacy of the revolutionary struggle. We have the job to fulfill and consummate the unfinished tasks of the 1896 revolution and take to heart the lessons of 1892.

The lessons are: That only through organized resistance and mass organizing and reliance on the masses can we achieve liberation and independence; That only through mass struggle can the masses really achieve freedom and democracy; and the people cannot rely on revisionists and reformist masquerading as revolutionaries and politicians who flip-plop on every twist and turns of events.

The Alliance –Philippines (AJLPP)-USA honors the Katipunan and all our heroes who fought for our national freedom and our nation. We rededicate ourselves to the unfinished tasks they left us. The slogan of the Katipunan then was "Onward, Brothers and Sisters, for Freedom.!" Today our calls are: Fight Fascism and Defend our Democratic Rights. Fulfill the Unfinished Revolution of 1896.

(From a press released by the AJLPP-USA National Secretariat.)

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