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Dec 04th
Home Sections Politics Solving a Vast Array of Global Problems
Solving a Vast Array of Global Problems PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Politics
Monday, 16 July 2007 07:07

(Editor's Note: The following commentary from Mr. Duenas was intended as a reply to Part I of the Occasional Series on the MINSUPALA Solution, which was a satire. But Mr. Duenas' comments show how serious the proponents of the Federation of the Bangsa Malaya are. We are now classifying this article under Philippine Politics.) 

I did not intend to confine the definition of the (Federal Republic of the) Bangsa Malaya to the specific islands of Minsupala but to encompass the whole of the 7101 islands. Your satirical scenario is actually funny with some considerable possibilities based on the willingness of the United States to use their billions (of dollars) in war expenditure, which actually is spent more for the R&D and actual testing of their modern weaponry that creates the artificial war-machinery industry.

Unfortunately the 'majority' of Americans based on recent poll survey are against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but not necessarily the military community and major military-policy and decision-makers that support the US military-industrial complex.
Other future wars may arise when the military economy weakens and a 'just cause' or 'terrorist acts' are again launched against the US Mainland. The North Koreans and the Iranians are aware of this possibility and has toned down their aggressive stance against the US in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hopefully the minor 'rebellion and sedition' case in the islands of the Republic of King Philip will be relegated as a non-terrorist classification and no threat to the American people and eventually has to be solved locally.

United States Security in the Pacific 

Unless of course the US territorial security in the Pacific may need to assert their presence and signal to the biggest Islam population of Indonesia and Malaysia that the economic US interest in Asia, especially with China, is under threat.
With the US modern weaponry, a pivotal military base in Guam is all they need to replenish the Pacific Fleet to sustain a prolonged war in the region. They have shown that firepower in annihilating the forces of Saddam Hussein and got rid of their entire obsolete weaponry stockpile that posed an environmental hazard in the Mainland.
The Bangsa Moro has a better chance in the new federation of Bangsa Malaya from the onslaught of superior forces of the US when the eventuality a modern Christian-Muslim conflict will arise. Of course the Muslims fanatical factions of Iraq may find the Bangsa Moro sect not acceptable to referee their differences.
The Afghans on the other hand may prove to be a better trade and commerce partner with the new Bangsa Malaya federation including the Bangsa Moro with our rich food production in exchange for the Russian oil pipeline going through. Afghanistan also has rich source of opium for medicinal use and solar-powered industry potentials.
Muslim nations do not eat crabs, which are fine delicacy of Filipinos. They eat goat meat and goats are ideal living "lawnmowers" and fertilizing agent mowing down our vast cogon and talahib lands.

Modernizing Philippine Military Capability 

As for the US military industry, we can modernize our military capability in defending our vast shorelines with rapid deployable water vessels with capability of catching aquatic resources and Japanese poachers in the high seas. Coastal towns and villages shall be equipped with modern military-type stealth water craft with sophisticated electronic and sonar devices to pinpoint the type and size of fish. This capability for selective fishing and the power to safeguard our fishing grounds from foreign trawlers will be the modern navy of the Bangsa Malaya providing the seafood supplies for all our local and foreign markets.
Our land troops shall be trained as professional farmers, growers and food producers using the most-advanced GPS and satellite images of the best location for specific crops and predicting the weather conditions. All the bombs and blasting devices to include the latest laser technology shall be used to seek water resources and dig up irrigation canals and watering systems. All the modern military trucks and rail system shall be used in hauling our produce from farm to market and the food processing plants.
As for our foreign debts, the new federation of Bangsa Malaya shall persecute all those responsible in incurring the foreign debts and surrender those offenders to the IMF-World Bank for persecution and responsible to pay-off the debts from their bank accounts and personal assets.
The Federation of Bangsa Malay shall be debt-free upon the inauguration of the new republic.
All quasi and government owned corporation shall be sold to the private sector and a new law will disallow government to own or operate a profit-generating corporation. The new government will be encouraged to operate non-profit and public service oriented corporations under the same regulatory controls as privately owned entities.
Each autonomous region shall have 75% share of its revenue but will be entitled to 75% federal assistance of regional-significant project upon raising 25% of project cost.
Power and energy shall be a federal priority where all alternative power systems shall be developed and importation of fuel shall be dependent upon export exchange of goods. All energy and power users shall be subject to tax audit and energy regulatory measures- no exemptions. Power dependent industries must be able to redirect unused power to home consumers and their employees’ home energy credit. All homeowners shall reduce their day consumption to allow industries to maximize their production.
Island resource management shall be applied to regional autonomous management guidelines to allow an efficient utilization of island assets. Each region shall seek its level of Standards from where the cost of labor and the processing of products shall be dependent upon regional priorities.
Tidal and wave-power technology shall be encouraged in island autonomy while hydroelectric and other power-generating systems shall be encouraged in River Basins and upland regions.
Basic food producers in each region shall be encouraged to 'barter' with other regional crops and to export to overseas markets all the surpluses.

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