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Dec 07th
Home Sections Politics Taking San Francisco Back For Families
Taking San Francisco Back For Families PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 24 June 2008 22:52

I need your help.  This coming November 4, 2008, we all have the opportunity to change the direction of our district and our city, especially during these difficult economic times.  I am running for Supervisor of our District 11 because we desperately need to make City Hall work for us again to serve San Francisco residents and to defend our families; we need to encourage our local businesses that fuel the job creation ensuring our economic prosperity.

I am a small-business owner and a home owner, who has lived in our district for over 30 years.  I raised a daughter and worked in our community. I served as a Small Business and Planning Commissioner and have been involved in local government for decades, so I know what it takes to make City Hall work for our residents and families.


We grew up in a San Francisco that nurtured a thriving and expanding middle class.  Today, middle-class San Franciscans struggle to keep afloat.  Meanwhile, the public servants in City Hall care more about serving their personal political ambitions than about serving the public. Disintegrating services are accompanied by cries of budget woes.  Yet too often, monies appropriated for services to the people are siphoned off to provide plush jobs to friends. 


San Francisco makes the promise of equal opportunity for those who work hard and aspire to move up the economic ladder.  Good jobs and hard work enabled San Franciscans to provide a good living for our children and we knew that each succeeding generation would do even better.  Like you, I have seen a lot of my friends and neighbors pushed out of our neighborhoods and out of our city by our public officials’ misguided policies.  They are making it difficult for the average working person to make ends meet, let alone raise a family.




As a Supervisor, I will sponsor and support legislation that will make people’s lives easier not harder. Both moderate and progressive ideologies have failed our city and our residents.  This election is about change and about protecting our family way of life.



The ballooning city budget cannot be explained away by inflation. The city budget increased by almost 50% from 2003 to 2007, yet the Consumer Price Index only increased by 12.10%. Almost 20% of the $6.5 Billion budget, the biggest budget in history, goes to executive management salaries.

I would advocate the following policy changes:

·        Immediate freeze on taxes, fines, and utility, sewer and water rates for families. Any future tax increases should be tied to cost of living increases.

·        Immediate amnesty program on parking ticket penalties.

·        Reduce the budget and spending.  Lay offs should happen at the top, not at the bottom.  Eliminate waste, mismanagement and redundancies in government jobs.  Audit every department so that money is spent on producing results for people, not on special interest give aways. Employees should be promoted from within based on performance evaluations.  

·        Relax restrictions on businesses, in order to promote job creation.  Provide tax credits for businesses that create jobs for San Franciscans. City Hall should not shift to property and business owners the responsibilities for graffiti removal, garbage, sidewalk maintenance and maintenance of trees.

·        San Francisco First.  San Francisco government should buy its goods and services from local businesses. We should promote hiring in City Hall of qualified San Francisco residents.

·        MUNI. Customers should come first.  We should, for example, increase bus frequency.

·        Energy.  Develop alternative energy to help home owners save monies on utilities.



Crime in our streets is at an all time high. I will support community policing, including more foot patrol, neighborhood watch and better communication between police and the community.



My priority will be to promote vocational schools, apprenticeship programs for middle schools, high schools, and alternative programs to college curriculum.  

I will continue to work with youth advocates and law enforcement to facilitate effective re-entry programs for juvenile delinquents.



City Hall must conduct business in full view of the public.   I will work on strengthening enforcement of sunshine laws.

As an independent legislator, I will stand up and fight for what is good for the families of San Francisco.


We must protect the American dream for our families and for our youth.  We want our youth to have the opportunity to rise according to their talent, determination, God-given abilities and hard work.


You can help our campaign by going to the attached web site,, by donating to our campaign to pay for printing signs, flyers,  endorsing our campaign, signing up to volunteer, or spreading the message to your families, friends and neighbors.


Thank you very much.



Myrna Lim

(415) 816-7037

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 24 June 2008 23:04

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