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Sep 29th
Home Sections Politics The Philippine Government Pays for the Killing of Fetuses and Abortion Is an Issue for 2010 Election
The Philippine Government Pays for the Killing of Fetuses and Abortion Is an Issue for 2010 Election PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Politics
Monday, 14 January 2008 05:29

The Philippine Government is participating in the killing of the unborn, which this writer has described as the “The Monumental Modern-day Filipino Holocaust.” Abortion is the worst human-rights violation of all time, as the victims cannot even utter a cry of protest.


Our Cebu-based associate, Manny Amador, reports that “the new (2008) national budget includes a huge amount dedicated to population control -- which includes the procurement and distribution of abortifacient (sic) contraceptives. These particular contraceptives all have a secondary method which prevents the implantation of fertilized embryos. This is effectively an early chemical abortion.”

The MabuhayRadio has reported that there are more-than 400,000 killings of fetuses per annum being done in the Philippines and the educated guess does not include the so-called “chemical abortions.” To read the complete article, please go to The Monumental Modern-day Filipino Holocaust. And now the Philippine government is using taxpayers’ money to kill more fetuses, if not living embryos. A government is supposed to protect life, liberty and property. Now the Arroyo Dispensation is using scarce government resources to do chemical abortions.

What say you, Filipino taxpayers and Overseas-Filipino workers (OFWs). Would you permit tax pesos to promote the killing of the defenseless unborn?

To read the crusade of Manny Amador against the evil of abortion, please log on “Alternative Information and Opinion” at  His Advocacy blog can be found at his URL: Mr. Amador’s personal web site can be read at this link

To support the campaign against abortion and help in offering alternatives to the killing of the unborn, please visit the web site of Pro-Life Philippines at this hyperlink

To join the moral war against the modern-day Filipino holocaust, please e-mail Manny Amador at or this writer at

To read other articles in this web site against the evils of abortion, please click on the following links:

Vatican Blesses the “Worldwide Moratorium on Abortion” Initiative

Advent and Abortion: A Christmas Message for George W. Bush and the American People

Our faction in the OFW-led political party will force all the presidential candidates in the 2010 election to declare their position – for or against abortion.

If you, Dear Readers, noticed, we classified this instant article under the “Philippine Politics” section of this web site. How is it so? Because this writer is one of the leaders who are trying to form an OFW-led political party that will field slates for  national, congressional and local slates for  the 2010 elections. We intend to bring the evils of abortion as a campaign issue for the presidency and all other positions. We will force all the presidential and other candidates to declare their position – for or against abortion. Those who will say that they are Pro-Life candidates will be asked to sign a written pledge that he/she/they – if elected as the President, Vice President, senators, congressmen, governors or local officials – will spearhead a movement to force the strict compliance of the constitutional ban on abortion, with no Ifs or Buts. And the presidential aspirants who are members of the Philippine Congress will have to explain why they voted for the national budget that carries the funding for the government-sponsored and funded chemical abortions. # # #

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 15 January 2008 03:38

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