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Dec 07th
Home Columns San Diego Happenings Autumn Comes to San Diego
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Columns - San Diego Happenings
Thursday, 27 September 2007 02:07

The News UpFront: (Feature in lieu of TOP STORY) as of Thursday, 27 September 2007

~ The summer heat is almost gone, or didn't anyone notice? Nature celebrates its changing seasons in a kaleidoscope of colors and circumstances. Even the endless summer in San Diego is no exception to the arrival of autumn. Yes, as in . . . the falling leaves, drift by the window . . .



Autumn Comes to San Diego


On the first day of autumn this 23rd of September, it drizzled in San Diego.

The sweltering heat of the sun took a back seat for the first time in months as dark clouds hovered and hid the blue sky and gave way to a soft whiff of cool air. Then the brief spurts of rainwater here and there but not everywhere.

How apt was that, I thought, for nature to announce a change in the seasons. And how beautiful it was for her to make sure the change was not only felt and seen, it's also celebrated in ways we could only wonder and behold.

Yes, while we gaze around reminiscing the profligacy of summer, and the youthful extravagance that came with its spending, autumn slips in almost unnoticed. It could have escaped my attention too, save for the unexpected drizzle that whispered a new magical spell.

Autumn or fall, the third season of the year, is upon us. And with it comes the thought of our earthly existence. In a sense, every one of us has his own autumn of life, as much as we have our own springs, summers or winters.

Sometimes autumn is referred to as the third stage of life. It is also the time of full maturity or incipient decline.

Oh, how nature gently reminds us, including those who claim invincibility, that the end and the beginning do not leave us as we go through the transition.

Life is a transition, that we agree. And it is how one makes of that transition that we create an imprint.

The seasons – spring, summer, autumn, winter – are a phased segmentation of life and are not merely a barometer of our fickle weather.

For me, every change in the season is an augury of an active life. Constant change, constantly seeking meanings.

It is the autumn that I particularly like for both its symbolisms and its humanizing effect. And, may be, for the earthly comforts that it provides.

The leaves wither in autumn as mists begin to obscure the horizon, eclipsing the sun and giving us a cool respite from months of languidness and the oppressive heat.

Autumn signals life’s slow march to decay but in the process, life is rekindled and renewed.

To me, however, I would rather take a positive look at each changing season, regardless of how it affects us.

To some, autumn is a season for plenty, for it is the time when all the waiting ends and we see the full fruition of our labors.

We harvest the pastures, and in so doing, we replenish and replant and complete life’s cycle. This is what we all undergo.

Autumn is harvest time.

Nature splashes the earth with shades of brown, red and orange, temporarily replacing the greens that sprouted and blossomed in spring and stayed baked in summer.

The various colors may be nature’s way of telling us of the diversity that surrounds us.

It is a fitting, though remarkable, way of reminding us to be aware and tolerant of others who may not be of the same hue or who may not share the same interests.

Diversity — which means differences in race, gender, age, sexual orientation, economic status, education and culture—is, after all, what makes each of us unique.

Autumn comes to us slowly with its cadre of symbolisms. Rather than dwell on its symbolisms of decay, let us look to the promise of rebirth.

The autumn of life is to be enjoyed like the rest of the seasons.

Autumn is not only a change in weather. It is also a state of being.

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