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Jun 10th
Home Columns San Diego Happenings Woman Detractor Tries to Sabotage Bid of National City Council’s Only Candidate of Filipino Descent
Woman Detractor Tries to Sabotage Bid of National City Council’s Only Candidate of Filipino Descent PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - San Diego Happenings
Monday, 25 October 2010 18:38


The News UpFront: (TOP STORY) as of Monday, October 25, 2010 

T he only Filipino-American candidate for a council seat in San Diego County's National City stands a good chance of winning, a likely possibility that would tilt the balance in that suburban enclave where Filipinos comprise 20-percent of the population. As the election next week nears, her long-time adversary mounts a campaign to discredit her. The detractor is even going to the extent of casting her meaningless personal support for two non-Filipino candidates. More than the election, it's the feud that is becoming an interesting sidelight. "It's the typical Filipino crab mentality at its worst," says one voter.



Lone Filipino-American Candidate for National City Council Shines But Business Adversary Pushes Her Down 




Member, Asian-American Journalists Association


T ORONTO – A self-proclaimed Filipino-American community leader in San Diego rants and raves about her meaningless endorsement of two non-Filipino candidates in National City, and rages as well against the only Filipino who is trying hard to tip the political balance in that suburb in favor of Filipinos that comprise 20-percent of the population.


In some cultures, the act of insurance agent Edna Concepcion is tantamount to betrayal, a treachery no less. Waging a campaign for or against a candidate does seem a proper thing to do. But to engage in a vociferous "crusade of hatred" to put down the candidate with an almost-certain chance of winning is treasonous.


Ms. Concepcion, citing what she calls her "patriotic task", faults the candidate's ethnicity, a Filipino, on the one hand, and finds the racial origins of her opponents, Hispanic, reason to spite her. And to top it off, she feigns being stirred by another Filipino who had disgraced the race by his greed.


Ms. Concepcion's unwarranted attacks are not based on issues; they are anchored on her personal animosity towards Ditas Yamane, currently the lone Filipino American running for a council seat in National City. The two have had their spat from years back. Professional jealousy, personal envy, a mutual dislike – there's a lot more than they would admit.


Ms. Yamane's shining moment, guaranteed by wide voters' support within and outside the Filipino-American community, is a week away. That support is further strengthened by the unsolicited endorsements of the San Diego Union-Tribune and La Prensa, the latter newspaper obviously veered away from vouching for their Hispanic compatriots.


There must be something in Ms. Yamane that the mean little eyes of Ms. Concepcion could not see but which the Union-Tribune and La Prensa readily sense and believe would be useful in governing National City.


The Fred Soto Exposé


In the meantime, Ms. Concepcion makes a glum realization of that and endeavors hard to stop it by all means foul that her insurance commissions can buy. One example is her e-mail blast entitled "Remember the Disbarred Fred Soto? Why I Endorse Two Non-Filipino Americans in the National City Council Seats".


From my experience since knowing her in 2003 when she offered me life-insurance protection for free, yes for free! And I firmly refused, knowing it's an attempt to corrupt me, Ms. Concepcion is capable of weaving tall tales and fashioning lies to suit her purpose.


Yet here, she speaks about, in her own words: "a person with integrity and righteousness to know the basic tenets of honesty and LIVE BY it." By her own measure, Ms. Concepcion is a failure. She won't even pass the smell test, if there's one. 


In fact, she lied to Superior Court Judge Laura J. Birkmeyer (in Chula Vista, California) in the hope that she could get a restraining order to stop me from writing about her ill-conceived but much-publicized illusion grandeur, the Philippine-American Business Improvement Districts (PhilAm BID), which got some money from Microsoft Corp.


(Details are available at: 1. Concepcions-plea-for-a-restraining-order-vs-marquez; and 2. Concepcions-dog-and-pony-show.html ).


Ms. Concepcion cites the case of Fred Soto and conveniently forgets that I was THE journalist who exposed him in my Diario Veritas newspaper after months of laborious research and investigation. My expose' is one accomplishment that I am proud of. I honestly believe I save many potential victims from being ripped and also the National City from being further scandalized.


The bad example of Fred Soto is certainly not worth emulating . . . unless he's had some impact on people like Edna Ms. Concepcion who continue to lie and lie about their many nefarious activities.


That said, unless Ms. Concepcion comes clean, first with her Microsoft deal, second with her self-serving awards to her friends, among them former assemblywoman Shirley Horton; third with her botched claim of being stalked, fourth with the trade offs in her endorsements, etcetera, etc., then she's no more than a lying propagandist out to gyp the entire community.


Ms. Concepcion should run for office the way Ditas Yamane does now. If Ms. Concepcion's fantastic claims of being what she is were true and honest and could stand public scrutiny, then the community would be so greatly pleased to find her an exemplary role model.


But knowing her, it's not going to come. Her own integrity is doubtful. She'd rather be surrounded by unquestioning followers and petty supporters whose loyalty to her is assured by her generous praises and constant pats in the back.


In the final analysis, it is Ms. Yamane who deserves respect; she for standing up to Ms. Concepcion's scurrilous rants and not succumbing to her lecherous ways. I have the impulse to think that Ms. Concepcion is taking on Ms. Yamane for want of a superior fight. However, Ms. Yamane is not giving it to her. That's a class act.


I suggest Ms. Concepcion should refocus her dwindling vision to her still-born baby, the PhilAm BID. It could make her what she always wanted to be. # # #


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