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Jun 10th
Home Columns Unsolicited Advice How Some Overseas-Filipino Organizations Are “Reinventing” Disaster Relief
How Some Overseas-Filipino Organizations Are “Reinventing” Disaster Relief PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - Unsolicited Advice
Written by Bobby M. Reyes   
Tuesday, 20 October 2009 11:40

Part III of Reinventing Overseas-Filipino Donations for Philippine-Disaster Victims



H ere are some reports about the efforts of Overseas-Filipino organizations in mobilizing their members and supporters and doing themselves the disaster-relief work. The said Overseas-Filipino entities are practically bypassing Philippine-government disaster-relief organizations and local non-government organizations (NGOs), which are also doing assistance to the typhoon-and-flood victims.

The Filipino United Network (USA) launched a global fund relief drive on September 28th among Overseas Filipinos to provide aid to the thousands of victims of typhoon Ketsana (local code named “Ondoy”) and Parma (local code named "Pepeng"), according to Dr. Philip S. Chua. He is the Las Vegas, Nevada-based chairman of the
FUN (USA) Foundation



Relief Operations by OFWs in KSA


In the meantime, Sir Dr. Lito L. Astillero reports by e-mail from the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia (KSA) to the officers and members of the Partidong Pandaigdigang Pilipino (PPP) that on 16th of October 2009 the PPP-Riyadh Founding Chapter remitted to the PPP|OFCI Food-and-Relief Program the amount of One-hundred Three-thousand and Four-hundred fifteen pesos (PhP 103,415.00). It is the equivalent of $2,585.38 (at US$1/PhP40), which will be used to help the typhoon-and-flood victims in the homeland. The amount sent represented the donations from the friends and supporters of the PPP chapter in Riyadh and some party members. The money was sent to the PPP-PNB Guadalupe Branch Account # 13867790014, as administered locally by Francisco Aguilar and Angel Pantoja.


Editor’s Note: To learn more about the PPP, please visit its website at


Along with the said money remittance, the following day 17th October 2009, the PPP Riyadh sent by air cargo relief goods consisting of 13 Balikbayan cartons weighing 541 kilos. It was sent to the PPP|OFCI Food-and-Relief Program, as chaired by Mrs. Anita Sese-Schon, at Unit 3212 Cityland Tower, Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong City, Philippines.


Editor’s Notes: The OFCI is the acronym of the Overseas-Filipino Council Inc. (A narrative about the activities of the PPP|OFCI Food Feeding Program via Anita's Kitchen is reproduced at the end of this news report.)


Dr. Astillero said that “the idea is to be sure that the victims we are serving can be given food and at the same time cloth them and protect them from the hazards of the un-friendly rainy environment. Sending our relief goods thru air cargo not only made the items arrive on time but also made sure that things we are sending go to the right persons deserving to be helped through the efforts of our partymates in PPP-Central.”


Dr. Astillero explained further that by sending via air cargo, there was a need for the PPP Riyadh chapter to pay for the air transport at the rate of SR 4 per kilo, which means by sending 541 kilograms, the PPP had to pay SR 2,164. With the grace of God, the owner of WRJ Door to Door, Sir Engr. William Jao, a fellow Knight of Rizal, gave the chapter 50% discount by paying himself SR1,092 while allowing us a week in pay the remaining SR1,092.”


International Aid from Foreign Donors


On the other hand, Ms. Maria Elizabeth Embry of Antioch, California, has been monitoring donations to the United Nations Philippine Relief Fund and reporting them online to several Overseas-Filipino e-newsgroups. So far, Ms. Embry has reported the following donations from foreign countries: Japan ($4.5-million, largest donation), Spain ($2.0-million), U.S. Agency for International Development ($1.8-million) Australia ($1.7-million). She mentioned also relief assistance from New Zealand, Germany, Canada, Singapore, Brazil, Korea, France, Italy, Israel, China, Switzerland, European Union, Thailand etc.


Ms. Embry disclosed also United Nations agencies such as the Central Emergency Response Fund ($7.0-million), World Food Bank, Children’s Fund and the World Health Organization have sent aid to the Philippines.


She said that more relief assistance came from the International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies, Catholic Relief Services, Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Specialists, and other religious/service organizations, media business communities and many, many others.


Ms. Embry mentioned also that the United States Navy, Air Force and other U.S. military personnel brought relief supplies and performed rescue operations.


FUN Launches Relief Drive for Typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng Victims, as Death Toll Exceeds 696


P acking a maximum wind of 100 kph, and a flood level which rose to about 5 feet in some areas, Ketsana (Ondoy) has claimed more than 350 lives so far in its 3rd day of intense wrath that devastated most of Luzon. Rough and high waves measured as high as 3.7 meters to 6.5 meters.

And the more-devastating killer typhoon
(Pepeng) followed with greater impunity, raising the death toll to 696 so far. More fatalities are expected to be reported by the Philippine government and/or the Filipino media.

FUN (USA) intends to extend its initial aid to the indigent families of those who died and then to the rest of the suffering displaced and hungry poor victims. The aids will be coursed through Gawad Kalinga, Caritas, and the Christ the King in Metro Manila, and will be coordinated by a FUN
(USA) certified representative, who will visit the families of the dead victims, obtain information and also verify the death certificates.

Strict measures will be instituted to protect the funds contributed by the donors, for transparency and accountability. The names donors will also be posted on the
(USA) website at, unless anonymity is requested.

“We have the full responsibility of earning the trust and confidence of our donors and prospective contributors, especially in these days where scam, fraud, graft and corruption is pervasive all over, otherwise the ultimate suffering shall be borne by those victims of calamities and disasters among our people,” Dr. Chua strongly emphasized.

The Filipino United Network (USA) pleads with every Filipino and everyone to have compassion and not to neglect our fellowmen languishing in poverty and now even more devastated by typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng simply because of doubt about the integrity of the fund drive, and use this a convenient excuse not to help.

“The concern is valid and justifiable,” the FUN chairman said, “But practical integrity check could be done to assure everyone that the funds will go to the intended deserving victims of this disaster . . . and this is the reason why FUN (USA) has appointed a certified coordinator we personally know, and Christ the King as our conduit, to justly and properly distribute our aids to the victims.”

Parameters have been set for the FUN coordinator to follow, including details about the family and the dead, and verification of the death certificates.

“We are doing all this precaution for the peace of mind of all donors to this FUN (USA) humanitarian drive,” Dr. Chua stated. The Filipino United Network (USA) is a 501(c)3) tax-exempt foundation in the
United States and all donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the IRS. The FUN (USA) Federal Tax ID number which the donor’s accountant will need is 261-71-7446.

To donate, please go to 
and click on the orange DONATE button for the PAYPAL method of fund transfer by credit card. Check donations can also be mailed to Dr. Ale Ragaza, FUN Treasurer, to FUND FOR HOPE, c/o Ale Ragaza, M.D.,
Multicare Medical Center, 232 Boston Post Road, Milford, CT 06460, USA. Make all checks payable to Filipino United Network (USA).

To contact Philip S. Chua, MD, FACS, FPCS, please e-mail him at


PPP|OFCI Food Feeding Program via Anita's Kitchen


H ere is an e-mail sent to the by Ms. Anita Sese:



These pictures were taken yesterday October 19. You can tell how the Filipinos are so resilient, happy in spite of the recent calamities. September 26 and 27 when this town of Marikina was hit by the typhoon Ondoy. You have probably seen the news, water reaching the roofs, people on the roof tops, people panicking, and the different civic-and-charitable organizations distributing relief goods.


The city of Marikina is supposed to be the CLEANEST CITY in the Philippines, it is now being restored but how long will that take?  The roads are almost dry, people continue to clean up the streets, but garbage are mounting along the road sides.  Our members of PPP or Partidong Pandaigdigang Pilipino under the leadership of Jun Aguilar, went to survey the place and helped shovel and teach the big-hoe operators how to use it properly. With the donations of some friends and the PPP from Riyadh headed by Dr. Lito Astillero, Jun and his group will be able to go back on Tuesday and fix some people's residences. May I invite members and friends to please donate their talents, their expertise, the electricians, the plumbers, the carpenters, we need all of you to help. I can only cook with the help of some ladies. OFCI OR OVERSEAS FILIPINO COUNCIL INTERNATIONAL's ANITA'S KITCHEN is open. SELF HELP NUTRITION PROGRAM will resume in Marikina as soon as we have a decent place to cook, under the leadershp of Dr. Ernita Santos.


Pictures were taken by my personal assistant, Grace, she is learning photography hopefully, and but she missed the JunA and Anita's crossing the wet steps.


I hope these pictures will touch your hearts. On behalf of OFCI, PPP, we thank the generous people from Riyahd for their donations.



---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: anita <>
Sun, Oct 18, 2009 at 5:08 PM
Subject: Invitation to view anita's Picasa Web Album - THE LUNCH BOXES, MARIKINA TUMANA


You are invited to view anita's photo album:


Please copy and paste this URL to your browser if you are unable to open the hyperlink,

UNQUOTE. # # #


E ditor’s Notes: To view the earlier articles of this series, please click


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