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Oct 04th
Home Columns Unsolicited Advice President Arroyo Invites Herself Again to Washington, DC, and Once More Will Embarrass Filipinos
President Arroyo Invites Herself Again to Washington, DC, and Once More Will Embarrass Filipinos PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - Unsolicited Advice
Tuesday, 03 February 2009 14:14

O nce again Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has probably nothing better to do this week and she will play one more time a hide-and-seek game with President Barack H. Obama. She did that before and she wants to do it again. She has invited herself to Washington, DC. Readers may like to read how Mrs. Arroyo tried to seek an audience with then presidential candidate Barack Obama, which by itself was a humiliating experience for an incumbent President. Here is the account of Game One: The Obama-Arroyo Hide-and-Seek Game: How PGMA Embarrassed RP Again


P resident Arroyo does not really know protocol. She is not a mere tourist, who at the last minute makes a detour to attend supposedly the National Prayer Breakfast in the United States. She happens to be the President of a functioning Republic of more-than 90-million constituents. She claims that she was invited by some American legislators to the breakfast. The code of behavior says that any foreign head of state waits for an official invitation by the President of another country, especially one who heads the world’s remaining superpower. It is not the first time that Mrs. Arroyo tried to get an audience from then Senator Obama, then from a President-elect Obama and now from a President Barack Obama. If President Arroyo has an ounce of pride remaining in her, she should not make the trip. Otherwise, she could become the laughing stock and the butt of jokes of late-night American comedians and of course the topic of gags among Filipino Americans.


* Here is an article that we published about Mrs. Arroyo’s futile efforts to seek an audience before with American leaders – even when the American decision-and-policy makers do not want to be seen in public with one of the world’s most-corrupt leaders: President Arroyo Does Not Really Get It (She Comes Back to the USA Begging Again)


* Perhaps President Arroyo, her Cabinet, her inner staff and her Rasputins should read first the A Cup O' Kapeng Barako column of Jesse Jose. Perhaps they should read carefully Mr. Jose’s The Dishonor of Having to Beg. Begging for an audience with Mr. Obama is unbecoming a President of a foreign country.


* Pundits are starting to make fun again of Mrs. Arroyo’s antics of inviting herself to the District of Columbia. One wag said probably President Arroyo will demonstrate to the American leaders how to eat “Pagpag” for breakfast. If you do not know what it is, here is (again) Mr. Jose’s column:

Arroyo Dispensation’s Legacy: “Pagpag” (AKA "Kanin Baboy") Meals for Poor Filipinos


* Another pundit says that President Arroyo wants to have an audience with President Obama, so that she could teach him how to run a country by simply borrowing, as explained in this article:

The Arroyo Dispensation Continues with Its “Irrational Exuberance,” as It Keeps Borrowing More


* Even the Iraqi despot Saddam Hussein had an ounce of pride that he refused to invite himself to another country, so as to seek exile when his country was threatened with invasion that he knew would result in his ouster. But there are still lots of parallelism between then President Hussein and Mrs. Arroyo, as explained in this article: Similarities Between Saddam Hussein and Gloria Arroyo


* Perhaps the top Filipino diplomats can explain to President Arroyo the concepts of protocol and the time-honored Filipino tradition called “delicadeza,” which can be translated to non-Filipinos as “a sense of propriety.” Yes, Filipino diplomats must follow the suggestion of then dean of Filipino columnists, Max V. Soliven, who tried to save Mrs. Arroyo from herself, as quoted in these articles:


Saving the Philippine President from Herself (Part I)


Saving the Presidency and the Philippine President from Herself (Part II)

President Arroyo Does Not Really Get It  

* Perhaps Mrs. Arroyo is that desperate to seek an audience with President Obama. Maybe she is indeed a “desperate housewife,” as explained in this article, GMA’s Desperate Housewives


* It is really pathetic than a Philippine President does not know what humility is; she insists on inviting herself, which beggars even in the United States do not attempt. Mrs. Arroyo is one of the major reasons for the deterioration of the country’s dignity and psyche. Perhaps she and readers may like to revisit these articles and ponder why many Overseas Filipinos do not want to reacquire their Philippine citizenship and many more Filipinos want to move abroad:


How to Get Back the Dignity of the Filipino (Part3)


Reinventing the Filipino Psyche (Part One)


A Dose of Reality: Why Many Filipinos Remain Second-Class Citizens in America


* But then President Arroyo likes to solve the problems of the world, instead of attending to the socioeconomic and political ailments tormenting the Filipino homeland:


Editorial: President Arroyo Must Go Back Home ASAP and Attend to Pressing Problems


* But then President Arroyo does not seem to learn from mistakes. Her unscheduled visit to Washington, DC, will just give Filipino-American activists excellent opportunities to embarrass her again and again. Here are articles that this website has published in the past about public demonstrations against the visits of Mrs. Arroyo to the United States:


Filipinos and Allies in New York City to "Detain And Deport GMA!"


Fil-Am Activists and Advocates Preparing Massive “Welcome” for President Arroyo in DC and New York


PESANTE-USA to Welcome President Arroyo in Los Angeles as Number-One Violator of Human Rights


Arroyo Supporters Try to Intimidate Demonstrators But All-Systems Go for Biggest Anti-GMA Protest


AJLPP and ANSWER-Los Angeles Join the Nov. 21st Rally-Picket Against President Arroyo @ LAX Sheraton


President Arroyo Will Learn Finally the Overseas-Filipino Earth, Wind and Flair


GABNet Condemns Repeated President Arroyo's Foreign Trips and Calls for Massive Rally Against Her


Boycott-GMA Drive Generates Massive Support As Activists Confirm Protest Rally at GMA Reception


An Open Letter to Consul General Aragon Over President Arroyo's Failure to Hold Press Conferences


Fil-Am Activists and Advocates Preparing Massive “Welcome” for President Arroyo in DC and New York


* And finally, here is a news dispatch from www.GMANews.TV  about the planned new misadventure of President Arroyo in Washington, DC:


Palace insists breakfast meet with Obama not on Arroyo's mind

02/04/2009 | 07:53 AM


MANILA, Philippines - A day after confirming President Arroyo will make a side trip to Washington D.C. for the National Prayer Breakfast there, Malacañang insisted Wednesday that meeting US President Barack Obama is farthest from Arroyo's mind.

Press secretary Cerge Remonde repeatedly said in a radio interview that Arroyo's possible meeting with Obama was merely a "coincidence."

"Hindi naman meeting kay Obama ang objective ni Pangulong Gloria sa pagpunta sa Washington para sa National Prayer Breakfast at posibleng pagpupulong sa US [Meeting Obama is not President Gloria's objective in going to Washington for the National Prayer Breakfast]," he said in an interview on dzXL radio.

He also refused to comment further on Arroyo's plans on meeting Obama the meeting.

"Parang nagkakataon lang. Hintayin natin kung anong mangyayari [t's a coincidence. Let's just see what happens]," he said.

On Tuesday, Remonde confirmed Mrs. Arroyo will make a side trip to Washington D.C. – and finally meet President Obama.
Remonde claimed Arroyo "accepted" an invitation of legislators to attend the National Prayer Breakfast in the US.

"It is expected that the President will finally meet US President Barack Obama as the main event, the Thursday morning breakfast, by tradition, has two special guest speakers: the President of the United States and a guest whose identity is kept confidential until that morning," a Palace statement said Tuesday.

Remonde said Arroyo proceeded to Bahrain, from Milan in Italy, where she met with the Filipino community. She also attended the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

The National Prayer Breakfast is a yearly event held every first Thursday of February in Washington, D.C.

It is a forum for political, social and business leaders of the world to assemble together and build relationships.

Remonde said Arroyo will be back in Manila Saturday. – www.GMANews.TV  # # #


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